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Johnson sanctioned by Putin


U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson has been sanctioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Johnson, a Republican, calls the sanction a badge of honor.

“We believe so strongly that the Ukrainians are the good guys and that Vladimir Putin is the bad guy that when the bad guys are tell you you’re doing something wrong that’s a good sign,” Johnson says. “It’s had no impact on me or my family. We don’t hold Russian assets. We don’t own Russian yachts. We don’t own Russian property and we have no plans to vacation in Russia.”

Johnson was notified of being sanctioned on April 13th.

He says he found out by a Russian press release meant to shame him and other members of the House of Representatives that have used forceful language to describe Russian actions taken in Ukraine.

Dusty sanction
Rep. Dusty Johnson
Representative Dusty Johnson's sanction notification

Johnson calls the actions an illegal invasion and says Putin is a 'thug and a villain.' He says he supports continuing to arm the Ukrainian military.