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Students protest COVID school closures on Pine Ridge

Courtesy Red Cloud Indian School
Red Cloud School.

The Oglala Lakota Tribal Council voted to close schools on the reservation citing a high level of COVID-19 cases.

Students from Red Cloud Indian School protested the council’s decision. Students say they disagree with shutting down because more are vaccinated and follow the rules associated with the pandemic.

Adriano Rama is a Junior at Red Cloud. He says the closing of the schools will impact the future of the Native American youth.

"So it's obviously something that affects us. It affects our education, it affects our health, it affects our mental health, and affects all in all our future, our future of our lives. When you're in high school, there's nothing really else you have except high school. That is your life.”

Students initially planned to protest outside of the tribe's offices. They were invited to meet with OST Tribal President Kevin Killer to voice their opinions. The council voted for students to return back to school this week.