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Three Hurt in Buggy Accident

South Dakota Department of Public Safety

An auto accident involving a horse drawn buggy has left three injured. Officials say there are no clear rules when dealing with buggies.

The Department of Public Safety says a car struck a buggy Sunday night in Hutchinson County. The two met at a highway intersection north of Tripp. The buggy pulled into the intersection and was hit by the car. The three buggy passengers were ejected. Two individuals are being treated for non-life threatening injuries while a 20 year old woman was taken to a Sioux Falls hospital for major injuries.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol says horse drawn buggies have the right to be on state roads. Officials admit there is a gray area regarding seatbelts in buggies and other safety regulations.

Tony Mangan is the Public Information Officer for the Department of Public Safety. He says this all comes back to driving safely.

“This is one thing, again a reminder that whatever you’re driving out on the roads please be careful. You know, stop at stop signs, look both ways watch for the other person who might be coming through a stop sign, it’s all part of safe driving no matter what you’re driving,” says Mangan.

Mangan says in his time with Public Safety he has never heard of an accident involving a buggy. He says the cause of the crash or who was at fault is under investigation.