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Late Artist’s Work On Display At USD

Melinda Camber Porter Website

A world travelled artist’s collection is now on display at the University of South Dakota. The work includes art, film and literature.

Melinda Camber Porter was a correspondent for The Times out of London. She travelled everywhere from Paris to New York . . . and eventually South Dakota. Porter published one novel entitled Badlands . . . set on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Porter met John Flicek in New York and they eventually married. Flicek is a Sioux Falls native and earned his master’s degree in chemistry and business.

Porter passed away in 2008 from ovarian cancer.  Flicek has been working on archiving Porter’s work after he put their children through school. USD Director of Art Galleries Michelle St. Vrain says the sheer amount of Porter’s work is quite incredible.

“This is a very, very large exhibition. Typically I think we’re used to doing around 30 to 40 pieces in the gallery, a typically kind of cramped gallery is maybe 80 to 90. Well we have 90 small watercolor pieces and then 27 banners of oil paintings. So very, very full but really great and colorful,” says St. Vrain.

St. Vrain says Porter’s work represents nature and celebration. Many of Porter’s works capture the human body interacting with nature and other people. The exhibit is in the John A. Day Gallery until October 14th.