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Grant Given To Preserve Black Hills Trails

Black Hills Resource Conservation and Development

A couple of conservation groups are putting together a program to preserve Black Hills trails. The proposed program would educate visitors on ethical trail use.

The Recreational Trail Program has awarded a $56,000 grant to Black Hills Regional Multiple Use Coalition and Resource Conservation and Development. The grant will add funds to the estimated $77,000 project. The groups are hoping to implement a trail ethics program by next spring. The program came about with all the damage to trails caused by off-road vehicles. Ben Wudtke (WOOD-KEY) is the Executive Director for Black Hills RC&D. He says the program is all about informing visitors.

“Unethical use has produced damage to forest roads to trails and even in some cases private property and this is largely promoted as fun, fun for everyone in the Black Hills, but in reality it’s quite the opposite. And this program aims to do an educational program for folks like I said local and visiting to better inform them on  what they’re actually doing in the Black Hills,” says Wudtke.

Wudtke says if operators follow basic trail rules the Black Hills will stay great into the future. The program also hopes to partner with law enforcement to maintain trail laws.