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Calving Starts in Custer

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks

Bison calving season is starting in South Dakota.  That means there are baby buffalo frolicking around places like Custer State Park right now.

The first Custer State Park bison calf of the year was born on April fourth.   Officials say most newly born buffalo come in late April to early May.  They often weigh over 40 pounds at birth and are a light orange color before turning dark brown.

Gary Brendage is the Resource Program Manager for the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks. He says around 400 calves are born in an average season.

“We’re still a little early in the season, but it’s an exciting time for both for us and everyone else that’s coming, it’s the first step of things to come. When we get into the summer season when there’s lots of little red calves running around out there, we’ll see a lot of people. Actually the 21s

t, weekend before Memorial Day the weekend before, a lot of people will be out looking at the buffalo and looking at the calves then,” says Brendage.

Park officials remind visitors to be careful on area roads and watch for crossing bison. They also say that buffalo are very protective of their young and should be given plenty of space.