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Beef Maybe Making A Comeback

Charles Michael Ray
Badlands Cows

Beef maybe making a comeback among us consumers including those in South Dakota. Studies predict that 2016 is going to see a bump in red meat consumption.  Cattle industry officials say this is good news for producers.

A new USDA study shows Americans may eat over 54 pounds of red meat per person this year. That’s the largest amount in a decade.   The growth is expected because of larger cattle herds and lower consumer prices. Sylvia Christen is the Executive Director of the South Dakota Stock Growers Association. She believes the market determines beef’s rise or fall.

“You know I’m hopeful that beef consumption will continue to increase and be strong because that is what it will take for our market to stay strong. However, as much as the beef part of this equation certainly factors in to what our producers are being affected out here. The livestock markets are really what we are directly affected by,” says Christen

Christen also says with increased demand the growth would be great for producers across South Dakota.

“So there’s a lot of factors that go into that, but I’m hopeful that we’re going to have a strong market into the future and that there’s a real hopeful and strong opportunity for young producers and our current producers to stay effective in the market,” says Christen.

Christen also says beef has gotten a bad health rap in the past. The USDA has reduced its recommendations for red meat consumption in recent years. But Christen believes beef consumption could increase because many people believe red meat has positive health and nutritional benefits.