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A Note Of Appreciation And Farewell For Margaret Low Smith


We end this hour with a note of appreciation and gratitude. Today is the last day at NPR for Margaret Low Smith. You may not know her name but you hear her work every day.


Margaret is our senior vice president for news. She began her career, like many of us, on the overnights. She started as a production assistant in 1982 - that's 32 years ago but she doesn't look it.

CORNISH: In the 1990s, Margret was a producer on this program. Her stories gave voice to people who rarely had access to the national stage - chicken catchers at poultry companies in Maryland, mentally ill homeless on the streets of New York.

SHAPIRO: In recent years, Margaret has become a leader in guiding NPR's programs and the network's news coverage. Among her many accompaniments, she was a major force behind NPR's quiz program "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" Margaret imbues all her work with grace, kindness and a huge dose of intelligence. I personally consider her a friend, a mentor and a cheerleader and I would like to think that I'm special in that respect but I know that countless other people at NPR feel the same way.

CORNISH: I'm certainly one of them. Now, Margret's headed off on a new adventure as the president of the Atlantic's Live Events Division and they're lucky to have her. Margret, we're going to miss you. Thanks for making NPR a smarter and better place. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Audie Cornish
Over two decades of journalism, Audie Cornish has become a recognized and trusted voice on the airwaves as co-host of NPR's flagship news program, All Things Considered.