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Take The Day Off. In Fact, Take A Month


Like many American workers, you might be using up your vacation time over the holidays but starting tomorrow. employees at Wedding Wire don't have to worry about rationing their leave. They can take off as many days as they like, just as long as their work gets done and the manager gives the OK. Jenny Harding is the Human Resources director for the web-based event planning company. She says Wedding Wire's new unlimited vacation policy will actually be good for productivity.

JENNY HARDING: If the incentive of being able to take time off is getting your job done, then you'll probably find ways to work smarter and harder to get your job done more effectively and more quickly so that you can be rewarded with this good vacation time.

LYDEN: Wedding Wire isn't the first to do away with set vacation time. Companies like Best Buy and IBM already have similar policies in place and they're pretty productive. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.