South Sudanese gunmen killed more than 140 civilians and abducted at least 39 children in a raid in the Gambella region of Ethiopia Friday, the Ethiopian government said.

Ethiopia's communications minister Getachew Reda said the attackers were members of South Sudan's Murle tribe, but had no relation with either the government of South Sudan or South Sudanese rebels. The attack took place in a region that sits on the border of the two countries.

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When they wouldn't hire her because she was a woman, she threatened her superiors. When the media asked her a stupid question, she gave them sass. And when she thought she had HIV/AIDS, she said, "if that's what happened, that's what happened."

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Starting today, 155 countries and territories will start switching to a different polio vaccine.

The shift, which is expected to be completed by May 1, is the "largest and fastest globally coordinated rollout of a vaccine into routine immunization programs in history," according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

The U.S. has transferred nine Yemeni detainees from the Guantanamo Bay prison facility to Saudi Arabia. The group represented just over 10 percent of the population that remained at Guantanamo.

Compared to the rest of the Arab world, Morocco is doing pretty well. It may be an authoritarian monarchy but foreign investment is up, the country has a new and improved constitution and most importantly it's stable in a region awash with chaos.

And that's why many citizens of Morocco who protested or supported protests in 2011 say that for now they're just fine with the way things are. This as critics of the regime say the space for freedom of expression is at an all time low.

Gibraltar, a tiny British territory at Europe's southern tip, is famous for its geography — a huge limestone rock — that appears on the Prudential logo.

It's a global center for offshore banking, with the trappings of wealth to prove it: Luxury high-rises tower over super yachts in Gibraltar's marina. The 2.6-square-mile territory boasts a standard of living several times higher than surrounding areas across the border in Spain.

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José Ramón Fernández will probably never attend another Communist Party Congress. At 92, he's the oldest delegate to take part in the four-day meeting of Cuba's top communist leaders that convenes on Saturday.

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The scene: a wedding on a pirate-style ship in New Zealand's Akaroa harbor.

The rings: known here as rigatoni, and made of pasta.

The happy couple: Pastafarians Toby Ricketts and Marianna Fenn, in full pirate regalia.

The officiant: Karyn Martyn, New Zealand's first "ministeroni."

The wedding feast: pasta. Only pasta. (OK, there was some cake, too.)

Brazil's lower house of parliament is set to vote on Sunday in impeachment proceedings against embattled President Dilma Rousseff.

This is the next step in a process that has sharply divided the country, which has seen massive demonstrations for and against Rousseff.

Here's what we know about the political crisis and how it escalated.

After two powerful quakes rocked the island of Kyushu in southern Japan barely a day apart, rescuers are racing to find survivors as aftershocks continue to shake the area.

The death toll stands at 41, according to Japanese public broadcaster NHK, and some 2,000 were treated in hospitals for their injuries.

At least 90 homes were "completely destroyed," NHK reported. It adds: "more damage is likely, as some municipalities are still unable to confirm their local situation."

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"This is the message I have come to bring you today: do not lose hope," Pope Francis told migrants in Lesbos, a Greek island where thousands have landed as they try to make their way into Europe.

Pope Francis Visits Greek Island Lesbos

Apr 16, 2016
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Inky is out.

Inky, an octopus who is about the size of a basketball and of undetermined age, has lammed it out of his tank at the National Aquarium of New Zealand and is at large somewhere in Hawke's Bay, on the east coast of of New Zealand's north island.

The lower house of Brazil's Congress has started debating whether to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, hours after the country's Supreme Court allowed the proceedings to move forward.

The Chamber of Deputies is set to vote Sunday. If two-thirds of them support impeachment, the process would move to Brazil's upper house, the Senate.

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Just more than 24 hours after powerful earthquakes struck a large island in southwest Japan, an even stronger quake has hit the same area.

The Associated Press quotes a Japanese official as saying 19 people were killed, bringing the total for the two big quakes to 29.

It was a hospital — but to psychologist Inka Weissbecker it looked more like a prison. She had come to South Sudan to check out the country's only health facility for treating patients with mental illness.

"There was a hallway leading past these cells with bars on them," she recalls. "Behind one set of bars I saw a mattress covered in plastic. And on it was urine and feces — and this woman lying with her face to the wall. I don't know if she was dead or just sleeping. Nobody seemed to care."