Vietnam Vets

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Coming from a lower class family in a small town, one politician wants to inspire young people to pursue opportunities and improve current democracy.  Former Senator Larry Pressler has published a new book, Senator Pressler: An Independent Mission to Save Our Democracy. He says today's democracy is poisonous and voters are apathetic. Pressler wants to rediscover America's ethical core through education, journalism and self-esteem. He also touches on his background in Vietnam and his diverse philosophical and religious views.

Dakota Midday: VA's Danny Pummill Visits South Dakota

Jun 9, 2016

Danny Pummill is the Acting Under Secretary for Benefits for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He’s in South Dakota to find out what military veterans need from VA, and to take those insights back to Washington.

  Danny Pummill meets with vets in Sioux Falls and Flandreau this week as part of a Veterans Town Hall series. He sits down with Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to discuss the disconnect between American civilians and their military, how the My VA initiative is reshaping veterans’ care, and the legacy of Vietnam veterans.

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Vietnam Vets Honored At 50th Anniv Ceremony

May 23, 2016
Courtesy Department of Defense

The VA Black Hills Health Care System is hosting a Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration in Rapid City today. Its purpose is to welcome home Vietnam veterans and to recognize their service and sacrifice. 

As part of the nation’s continuing effort to recognize those who served in Vietnam, veterans of that conflict will receive a lapel pin during an honoring ceremony in Rapid City.

VA Black Hills Health Care spokesperson Teresa Forbes explains.