Governor Vetos Gun Bills And Three Others

Mar 17, 2017

Governor Dennis Daugaard is vetoing five bills that reached his desk. Two of those bills would have expanded gun laws in the state.
Two gun bills Governor Daugaard vetoed allow persons with an enhanced concealed carry permit to carry in the capitol, and another repealed concealed carry permit requirements altogether.
Daugaard says security at the capitol is ample. Since the sheriffs and police chiefs association oppose getting rid of concealed carry without a permit, he opposed that bill as well.

Lawmakers Override One Veto On Final Day

Mar 30, 2015

State Lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 136 in the final day of the Legislative Session.

The bill deals with a somewhat obscure tax that is placed on those who are annexed into a municipality while also on a rural electric system.    

Lawmakers in support of the legislation say the tax has been in place for 20 years,  but a recent change in Department of Revenue policy ended up an unfair tax burden in these unique cases.

For those like Republican State Representative Thomas Brunner this is an issue of tax fairness.

Daugaard Vetoes Bill Increasing Fertilizer Inspection Fee

Mar 20, 2013

Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed a bill Wednesday that would increase the commercial fertilizer inspection fee. Daugaard calls the increased fee a tax, but supporters of the bill believe ag research needs more funding. The legislature meets Monday to consider all vetoes. SDPB’s Cassie Bartlett Reports.