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Will Uranium Market Boom Or Fizzle?

Dec 16, 2014

The Chairman of Azarga Uranium says his company is poised to ride the uranium market to new highs. 

Azarga plans to mine uranium in the Black Hills near Edgemont. The company touts the proposed Dewey Burdock mine as its flagship project.

But critics question Azarga’s claims, both on the price of uranium and the company’s ability to safeguard local water supplies in the mining process.

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A Call To Shut Down The EPA In The US Senate Race

Oct 27, 2014
Amy Varland

For U.S. Senate candidate and former Governor Mike Rounds the EPA has gone too far.  

Rounds and many others say the Environmental Protection Agency is an example of oversized federal government abusing its power and meddling too much in the livelihoods of people in South Dakota.
Rounds has spoken publically about eliminating the EPA, often to the cheers of those gathered in the crowd.
SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray asks what it would really mean if the EPA went away in South Dakota.

NRC Holds Black Hills Hearings Over Uranium Mine Proposal

Aug 18, 2014

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is holding hearings in the Black Hills this week.

The proceedings center around the proposal  by Azarga Uranium and Powertech USA to mine in the Southern Black Hills.

The NRC is spending time in Hot Springs listening to public testimony on the company’s mining plans.   

The commission is also holding an official hearing in Rapid City.  It is set up similar to a court case where both sides argue points for and against the mining proposal.

Powertech Aims For Merger With Azarga

Jul 2, 2014

A company that wants to mine uranium in the Black Hills has announced plans for a merger.

Powertech Uranium Corporation, a Canadian firm, plans to join with a Hong Kong based company Azarga Resources Limited to become Azarga Uranium.

Powertech CEO John Mays says his company has holdings in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota while Azarga has holdings in the Kyrgyz Republic and Turkey. 

Mays the proposed merger diversifies the company and increases its holdings to countries around the world.

WHS Founder Vows To Fight Uranium Mining

Feb 10, 2014
Courtesy Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s recent report on a request to mine uranium in the Black Hills isn’t going over well with Native Americans and non-Natives alike.  The report concludes there are no environmental concerns, but possible water contamination remains an issue for many.

The NRC’s final supplemental environmental impact statement supports Powertech Corporation to mine uranium.  The report says there are quote - “no environmental impacts that would preclude licensing”.

Water Board Postpones Uranium Hearings

Nov 25, 2013

The State Water Management Board has postponed its hearings on a controversial uranium mine planned for the Southern Black Hills.

The hearings, that had been taking place in Rapid City, were examining the mines plans to use water out of two different aquifers.

A number of conservation groups opposed the mine project—in part because of the large amount of waste water generated in the mining process.  

Uranium Mine Permit Process Postponed

Nov 5, 2013

The state Board of Minerals and Environment has postponed its hearings on a contested uranium mine in the Southern Black Hills.

Officials with the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources say the board will not rule on the application by Powertech Mining until other state and federal agencies have given approval.

For Powertech to begin mining both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must give a green light and set regulations.  

Water Board Grapples Uranium Mine Issue

Oct 28, 2013

This week the State Water Management Board is considering a uranium mining company proposal to use water from a set of Black Hills aquifers.
Opponents warn about the threat of radioactive and heavy metal pollution.  They argue that massive quantities of local water should not be used to generate profit for a foreign mining company.   
The mining company officials dispute these claims and point to the jobs and positive benefits the industry can bring to the area’s economy.

SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has more.

Uranium Mining In The Black Hills

Sep 30, 2013

Joe O'Sullivan and Dan Simmons-Richie of the Rapid City Journal wrote a series of reports taking an in-depth look at the issue of uranium mining in the Black Hills. What is being called one of the most important environmental decisions in decades for the Black Hills is being decided over the coming months. The South Dakota Board of Minerals and Environment finished up the first week of hearings on the proposed Powertech Uranium Mine planned for the Southern Black Hills. The heated issue is bringing intense debate and testimony in the court style hearings.

City Decries State Board Denial On Uranium

Sep 17, 2013

The Rapid City Mayor and City Council President say they’re baffled after a denial by the State’s Board of Minerals and Environment.  The controversy comes following a city council resolution expressing concern over plans for uranium mining in the Black Hills.    The city attempted to have the resolution entered into the public record with the Board of Minerals and Environment – but the board refused the city’s petition.

Uranium Bills Fail In Committee

Feb 7, 2013

The State Senate Ag and Natural Resources committee killed three bills aimed at providing more government oversight of uranium mining.
The committee meeting included heated testimony from those who say the current law doesn’t go far enough to protect South Dakota’s water from exploitation by mining companies.
But opponents challenged that current law is adequate, they say the proposed legislation is an effort to kill uranium mining in the state altogether.

Lawmakers Hear Uranium Mining Company-Opponents Cry Foul

Jan 10, 2013

State Lawmakers heard testimony from a Powertech mining company representative in Pierre.  The testimony favored a proposed uranium mine in the Southern Black Hills.

Mark Hollenbeck  an area rancher who is also a Project Manager for the Powertech Mining Company tells state Lawmakers that in-situ uranium mining outside Edgemont can be done safely.

Citizens Petition Hearing Of Uranium Mining Company

Nov 28, 2012

Citizens across the state are petitioning the hearing of a uranium mining company. Powertech Uranium Corp. has applied for two water rights permits for proposed in situ mining of the Inyan Kera and Madison aquifers, the main water sources in western South Dakota. South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources engineer Eric Gronlund says citizens and group leaders are petitioning because of concerns over water availability and other public issues.