State Senate

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Deb Soholt is running for re-election to the South Dakota State Senate out of District 14.  The Republican incumbent is seeking a fourth consecutive term.

Soholt chairs the Senate Health & Human Services Committee.

South Dakota lawmakers passed a 4.3 billion dollar budget late Friday night. Despite lower than expected revenue projections, the budget provides for increases in Medicaid reimbursements, state employee salaries and education funding. Lawmakers also passed a bill that increases funding for roads and bridges. It raises the gas tax by six cents and raises license fees and license plate fees by 20 percent. Lawmakers return to Pierre on March 30 to consider any gubernatorial vetoes.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

State lawmakers on the Senate Local Government committee say they don’t want to set up automatic pay raises for the legislature. Supporters of House Bill 1150 say the measure treats state lawmakers like all other state employees. That means they would receive a pay increase at whatever rate applies to South Dakota workers – whether that’s a large increase or none at all.