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In the Moment ... Taxes in South Dakota

Jul 5, 2017

In the Moment ... July 5, 2017 Show 127 Hour 2

More than 62 percent of South Dakota’s general fund comes from sales and use tax revenue. When those projections fall short, lawmakers must make emergency adjustments when crafting the state's budget. Kim Rueben is a senior fellow in the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She directs the State and Local Finance initiative. She joins us to talk about the state's tax policy.

Bunny’s Heroes Brings Charters to Life

Jun 16, 2017
Bunny's Heroes

Fictional characters from movies and books are heroes to many kids...and meeting them is magical. A nonprofit organization is bringing these personalities to life to raise money and build the community.

It’s a sunny morning at Rapid City’s Storybook Island. A car pulls into the parking lot and Wonder Woman steps out. She’s a volunteer with nonprofit group, Bunny’s Heroes. Today they are performing at the park for Character Day.

Shareece Tatum is the founder of the group. She leads volunteers to the dressing room.