School Administrators of South Dakota

Jackie Hendry

Project Stand Up was first used to text anonymous drug tips to law enforcement. Now it’s expanding to cover concerns about school safety, making South Dakota the 7th state in the nation with such a program. 

By texting the word SAFE to the Project Stand Up number, users answer prompts about the potential threat. Those messages are monitored in real time and sent to appropriate law enforcement and school administrators.

South Dakota Low On Teachers

Sep 11, 2015

A South Dakota task force study has found that almost half of future teachers that graduate from South Dakota colleges leave the state after graduating. And state schools are already short on teachers.

The Blue Ribbon Task Force presented its report Wednesday on the status of South Dakota schools. The report found the large number of new educators leaving the state and 240 classrooms started the 2014-2015 school year without a teacher. Rob Monson is the Executive Director of School Administrators of South Dakota. He says finding teachers can be a real problem.