Rapid City Anti-Racisim Rally Could Draw 1K

Feb 8, 2015

More than one thousand people now indicate they plan to attend the Stand Strong Against Racism Rally in Rapid City on Tuesday. 

Officials with the Rapid City Police Department say an investigation into possible hate crimes at a Rapid City Rush hockey game could take several weeks.    Police spokesman Brendyn Medina says detectives are trying to interview as many witnesses at the game as possible to get all the facts. 

Medina says there were thousands of people in attendance at the hockey game–so gathering statements from all possible witnesses is taking time.

Hate Crime Charges Possible After Incident At Rush Game

Jan 28, 2015

An incident at Saturday night’s Rush hockey game in Rapid City may result in hate crime and assault charges.

57 students from American Horse School were on a trip from Pine Ridge to attend the game as reward for good behavior and academic achievement.  
But in the third period a group of white men in a rented suite above the children’s seating area allegedly poured beer down on to the students and shouted racial slurs.   

The school group left the game early out of concern for student safety.

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Racism Alleged At Rush Hockey Game

Jan 26, 2015

An incident of alleged racism at a weekend Rush hockey game against a group of Native American school children has angered many in the Rapid City community.

The group of about 50 students and chaperones from American Horse School on Pine Ridge were attending the game with their principal.  The outing was a reward for good behavior and academic achievement.

But a group of men in a VIP corporate box allegedly threw beer  on some of the children and then shouted racial slurs, the students and chaperones reportedly left the game early after the incident.