Representative Stace Nelson

Stace Nelson Aims For GOP U.S. Senate Nomination

May 7, 2014

Over the last few months we’ve interviewed every candidate in the five way U.S. Senate Republican Primary.  

We’re giving each candidate a chance to make their case to South Dakota voters.   

The link below includes excerpts from an interview with State Representative Stace Nelson about his plans for office if elected to the US Senate.

You can hear an extended Interview with Stace Nelson on Dakota Midday here.

Two candidates for South Dakota’s open U.S. Senate seat aren’t happy with big business contributions to political campaigns. Republican candidate Stace Nelson and Democrat Rick Weiland held a joint press conference Monday. Weiland says although he doesn’t share the same political ideologies with Nelson, they both disagree Republican Mike Rounds should focus on out-of-state money.

The EB-5 program will continue in South Dakota after a bill to ban its use failed in Pierre. The Federal EB-5 program gives visas to foreign investors who put a half-million dollars into rural development projects. The program is the center of a scandal involving alleged miss use of state funds. The idea of banning EB-5 in South Dakota, created a lot of discussion in committee.

A legislative committee splits on two gun bills before them on Tuesday. House Bill 1065 waives the $10 fee for conceal weapon permits and lawmakers defeat the measure.  Lawmakers pass House Bill 1066, which allows elected officials to carry a weapon for protection.

Opponents to House Bill 1066 say it opens up possibilities to more violence.  Proponents say the purpose is a defensive measure, not offensive.  Democrat Representative Karen Soli disagrees and says fellow lawmakers may not be properly trained. 

South Dakota Republican State Representative Stace Nelson is considering running for the United States Senate. Nelson is currently a Representative in the South Dakota Legislature for District 19. Nelson says he’s been a public servant for most of his adult life - he’s a retired Marine and a retired federal agent - and he’d like to represent South Dakota in Washington.