Rapid City Collective Impact

Plans For New Transformation Center To Combat Poverty

Jan 23, 2018
Chynna Lockett

Plans for a new facility to combat poverty and homelessness are underway in Rapid City. The Transformation Center would consolidate services and shelters into a central location. Organizers held a forum to discuss plans and address concerns from the community.


Charity Doyle is the project manager for Rapid City Collective Impact. She lead the presentation on the Transformation Center. Doyle says the facility makes services that aid in combating poverty more accessible by bringing them closer to people in need.

Community leaders in Rapid City hope a centralized campus for the city’s homeless population will both save money down the road and even reduce homelessness.

The proposed idea for a restoration and transformation center near downtown seeks to combine city, county, nonprofit and homeless services providers.

But the concept, which is still in the beginning stages, is drawing some skepticism.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender says addressing homelessness in Rapid City takes more than just feeding people. He says solving the issue is more complex, so he calls up an image.

Rapid City Collective Impact

Last month, grocery distributor SpartanNash announced it will close three grocery stores in Rapid City in October.

According to a food security group in the city, that will create critical gaps in food availability to neighborhoods north of downtown.

In April, Mary Corbine started analyzing income levels and walking distances to grocery stores in Rapid City. Then in July,  SpartanNash officials announced they would close two Family Thrift grocery stores, and the Prairie Market grocery store.