Representative Shawn Bordeaux joins Dakota Midday to discuss the the naming of Black Elk Peak, and how we can get beyond conversations about race and on to conversations about making lives better in South Dakota.

Dakota Digest June 24, 2016

Jun 24, 2016

On this week's edition of Dakota Digest, US House of Representatives candidate Paula Hawks is encouraging her opponent to convince state lawmakers to vote towards expanding medicaid in South Dakota. Also, Governor Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed June 27 be called 'Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness Day." Another happening this week, the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce has revealed a new initiative to promote racial equality in the workplace.

Community Conversations Says It’s Still Going Strong

May 3, 2016
Community Conversations

One Black Hills organization is expanding its effort to bridge cultural gaps in South Dakota.

The group Community Conversations includes not only members of the Lakota Community, but also support from organizations like the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce and Regional Health.

The group Community Conversations was formed a little over a year ago in Rapid City to help resolve race related issues. Chas Jewett is a founding member of Rapid City’s Community Conversations.

Dakota Digest for April 15, 2016

Apr 15, 2016

On this week's episode of Dakota Digest, USD Women's Basketball Coach Amy Williams is the new coach at the University of Nebraska. Also, a Grand Jury has indicted three people related to GEAR UP. All of this and more on this week's Dakota Digest.

Wrestling Volunteers Banned From Future Events

Apr 12, 2016

Two volunteers who made racially charged comments at a youth wrestling tournament in Aberdeen are no longer allowed work future Amateur Athletic Union Events. The comments were captured on a video stream during one of the matches.

Community Conversations Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Feb 24, 2016
Charles Michael Ray

Rapid City’s Community Conversations group is hosting an Innovation Summit on Thursday.  The event marks the group’s one year anniversary. Chas Jewett, a group organizer, says the event celebrates the changes and relationships developed in Rapid City over the past year.

Dakota Midday: Voices of Rapid City Anti-Racism Rally

Jan 25, 2016
Charles Michael Ray SDPB

The Stand Strong Against Racism Rally in front of the Rapid City Civic Center drew a crowd of roughly 350 people Tuesday night. The rally was in response to an incident at a January hockey game in which students from the American Horse School on the Pine Ridge Reservation were reportedly showered with beer and racial slurs.

Building Bridges Across The Racial Divide In Rapid City

Dec 21, 2015
Chynna Lockett

Rapid City has a history of tense race relations.   

Last year racial tension erupted after an incident in which Lakota students say they were doused with beer at a hockey game.   Those accused were found not guilty of any crimes.

But following the incident, a number of efforts began to build bridges and forge new cross cultural relationships in Rapid City.  One of those efforts is called Community Conversations.

Protests Against Racism Continue In Rapid City

Feb 26, 2015

Roughly 100 people took part in a peaceful march against racism in Rapid City this Thursday afternoon.

Protestors expressed anger over what they see as unfair treatment of Native people in the justice system and unfair economic conditions.

Marchers included 77 year old Dennis Banks-who was a founding member of the American Indian Movement.  

Banks took part in the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973 and says he’s had to come back to Rapid City too often over the years to join in protest marches like this.

Rapid Race Relations Meeting Tackles Tough Issues

Feb 26, 2015

About 80 people attended a meeting in Rapid City on Wednesday intent on healing racial divisions following an alleged attack on Native children attending a minor league hockey game in January and a police shooting that left a Lakota man dead in December.   

The meeting began in a large circle, participants then broke into small groups and worked through a series of questions, at the end they gathered back into a circle to share ideas.

Rapid City Anti-Racisim Rally Could Draw 1K

Feb 8, 2015

More than one thousand people now indicate they plan to attend the Stand Strong Against Racism Rally in Rapid City on Tuesday. 

Officials with the Rapid City Police Department say an investigation into possible hate crimes at a Rapid City Rush hockey game could take several weeks.    Police spokesman Brendyn Medina says detectives are trying to interview as many witnesses at the game as possible to get all the facts. 

Medina says there were thousands of people in attendance at the hockey game–so gathering statements from all possible witnesses is taking time.

Hate Crime Charges Possible After Incident At Rush Game

Jan 28, 2015

An incident at Saturday night’s Rush hockey game in Rapid City may result in hate crime and assault charges.

57 students from American Horse School were on a trip from Pine Ridge to attend the game as reward for good behavior and academic achievement.  
But in the third period a group of white men in a rented suite above the children’s seating area allegedly poured beer down on to the students and shouted racial slurs.   

The school group left the game early out of concern for student safety.

You can hear the rest of the story by clicking play below.

Racism Alleged At Rush Hockey Game

Jan 26, 2015

An incident of alleged racism at a weekend Rush hockey game against a group of Native American school children has angered many in the Rapid City community.

The group of about 50 students and chaperones from American Horse School on Pine Ridge were attending the game with their principal.  The outing was a reward for good behavior and academic achievement.

But a group of men in a VIP corporate box allegedly threw beer  on some of the children and then shouted racial slurs, the students and chaperones reportedly left the game early after the incident.