Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

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A Nebraska commission is not renewing liquor licenses for stores along the South Dakota border near Pine Ridge. The town of Whiteclay has fewer than one dozen residents. Four businesses there sell millions of cans of beer each year. The liquor licenses expire at the end of the month, but the beer stores may stay open.

Native Americans from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota drink beer in Whiteclay, Nebraska. Witnesses say people who get drunk there urinate in public, assault others, and pass out on the streets.

FEMA Places Last Of Pine Ridge Homes

Jun 28, 2016
Christopher Mardorf / FEMA

Last year, the Pine Ridge Reservation was hit with a series of severe storms that damaged nearly 200 homes beyond repair. FEMA stepped in to provide housing assistance. This week, the last of the damaged homes are being replaced.

Brian Hvinden is with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He says the three bedroom, manufactured homes are permanent living spaces instead of makeshift shelters like other FEMA projects. Hvinden adds that the housing helps not only families but other groups.