Nonpartisan Elections

SDPB political reporter Lee Strubinger joins Dakota Midday to discuss Amendment V. Voter approval of Amendment V would change the South Dakota constitution to establish nonpartisan elections. South Dakotans go to the polls on November 8.

Will Mortenson does not work for the Republican Party, as previously noted.

Michael Lansing, author of "Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American Politics," discusses the rise and legacy of farmers who created a nonpartisan movement in Midwestern politics and what their ideology has to offer citizens today.

Dakota Digest for December 11, 2015

Dec 13, 2015

On this week's edition of Dakota Digest, Governor Dennis Daugaard gave his annual Budget Address at the state capital in Pierre. Also, a constitutional amendment to establish non-partisan elections in South Dakota could be on the ballot in 2016.   

A constitutional amendment to establish nonpartisan elections in South Dakota may be on the ballot in 2016. The amendment seeks to stop candidates from running under the title of democrat or republican.

The constitutional amendment is controversial for some Democrats and Republicans. Rick Weiland is the chair of South Dakotan’s for a Nonpartisan Democracy. He says the amendment will lead to better public policy.