Bush Con Takeaways

Oct 9, 2018
Northern State University

In The Moment ... October 9. 2018 Show 438 Hour 2

Bush Con is a networking event that is designed to build stronger connections among leaders in South and North Dakota and Minnesota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geography.

Ioana Hojda, assistant director of international admissions at Northern State University, and Lara Nelson, director of the American Indian Circle Program at Northern State University, were part of the conference. They joined In The Moment to provide their takeaways.

Measles Cases Increase In Surrounding State

Apr 26, 2017
South Dakota Department of Health

Measles cases are popping up in various places across the Midwest. South Dakota officials say there is no trace of the disease in this state yet.

Officials have now confirmed 20 measles cases around Minneapolis Minnesota. 16 of the cases were children who had not been vaccinated. Two cases have also been found in Lincoln County Nebraska.

South Dakota has been relatively measles-free with the exception of 10 cases in 2015. Before that it was 17 years since the state saw any cases.

Travis Anderson

This month the Minnesota Orchestra became the first North American symphony to perform in Cuba since President Obama began normalizing relations with the island nation last December. In a whirlwind three-day trip to Havana, the orchestra played two sold-out concerts, worked with high school and college students, and played side-by-side with a conservatory youth orchestra. Some of the Minnesota Orchestra’s more jazz-inclined players stayed up ‘til the wee hours jamming with Cuban musicians.

Attitudes Toward Wind Farms

Jan 23, 2015

Sociologist Jeffrey Jacquet and graduate student Josh Fergen gauged community attitudes toward wind farms in South Dakota.  They said that a culture of support bodes well for a state that has great potential to exploit wind turbines as a source of renewable energy.  Respondents saw beauty in wind turbines that were moving because they view them as being economically productive.  Jacquet and Fergen are also doing research on wind farms in Minnesota, particularly near Lake Benton, which was one of the first communities to embrace wind energy.

Lincoln's Bishop

Jul 2, 2014

In August and September of 1862, violence erupted in southwest Minnesota in what is often referred to as the U.S-Dakota War. The deadly attacks by the Dakotas against white settlers exploded out of frustration and anger over starvation and broken promises. In the aftermath of the conflict an Army court sentenced 303 Dakota men to death, 38 of whom were executed.

Victoria Wicks

Nancy Robrahn and Jennie Rosenkranz are a Rapid City couple who plan to challenge South Dakota's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.  They attempted to get a marriage license at the Pennington County Courthouse last week, but were denied.  The couple, together for 27 years, will get married in Minneapolis next month where same-sex marriage is legal.  When Robrahn and Rosenkranz return to South Dakota they'll file a lawsuit challenging the state for not recognizing their marriage certificate.

Minnesota Twins Preview

Apr 1, 2013

The Minnesota Twins open the 2013 season at home Monday afternoon against the Detroit Tigers.  the Twins are coming off two consecutive last place finishes.  According to Sioux Falls Argus Leader sports writer/columnist Matt Zimmer, the Twins aren't expected to do much better this year.

"The Long-Shining Waters"

Mar 29, 2013

When it comes to selecting a One Book South Dakota, readers typically search for a book that will educate, entertain and fit the South Dakota Humanities Council's programming theme for that particular year.  Duluth, Minnesota, author Danielle Sosin's novel, "The Long-Shining Waters," fits the bill.  "Frigid, lethal, and wildly beautiful, Lake Superior is as alluring as it is dangerous.  Featuring three women living on its shores in three different centuries, Sosin's debut novel illuminates the mysterious powers of the greatest of the Great Lakes," says book publisher Milkweed Editions.  Sos

Joseph LaFramboise Speaker

Jan 31, 2013

On Sunday, Janet Timmerman, education program coordinator at the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minnesota, will give talks at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre entitled "Leading the Pathfinders: Joseph LaFramboise on the Coteau des Prairie, 1833-1838."  LaFramboise was a 19th century fur trader who formed friendships with the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota community.  His local knowledge was helpful in the explorations and writings of George Catlin, Joseph Nicollet and John C. Fremont.