Libby Skarin

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... August 6, 2018 Show 394 Hour 1

What is the difference between Smart Justice and Criminal Justice?

How can South Dakota expand the use of alternatives to incarceration?

How does the South Dakota Attorney General set the tone for effective diversion programs?

Heather Smith, Executive Director of ACLU of South Dakota, and Libby Skarin, Policy Director of ACLU, joined In The Moment to discuss possible improvements to South Dakota's criminal justice system

Bill Amends Abortion Counseling Bill Held Up In Court

Feb 2, 2018


A Senate committee is passing along a bill that amends provisions to the state’s mandatory third-party pre-abortion counseling.

Senate Bill 110 permits those counselors to provide additional information for those seeking an abortion.

However, the law that bill is amending is currently on hold in the courts.

Photo courtesy of ACLU-SD

The House State Affairs committee has voted to approve a bill that ensures continued state funding and tax breaks for entities that discriminate against gay or transgender people. House Bill 1107 protects organizations or people who act on their religious belief that marriage is reserved for male and female partners and that biological gender is unchangeable.