Thomas Loveland, Chief Scientist at the USGS Earth Resource Observation and Science Center and co-chair for the Landsat Science Team. NASA and USGS have selected a new Landsat science team.  The team will serve for five years (through 2023). They will conduct scientific research on technical issues critical to the overall Landsat mission; evaluate the quality of data when Landsat 9 is launched (in the year 2020); and discuss future missions. 

Landsat Seven Turns 15

Apr 15, 2014

It’s tax day.    April 15th also happens to be the anniversary of Landsat 7.

The satellite has been in orbit for 15 years.  It’s in the sky alongside the newer model Landsat 8, now aloft for about a year.

You may not know it, but these satellites are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives.