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Adria Botella

In The Moment ... January 14, 2019 Show 494 Hour 2

Tomorrow is children's day at the capitol. The Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment and Children’s Home Society invite you to view Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope tomorrow evening from 5-6:30 in Auditorium Room 106 of the Capital University Center, 925 East Sioux Ave. in Pierre. Cassie Nagel is program coordinator for CPCM and Muriel Neslon is the COO of CHS.

As Farmers Face Stress, New Hotline Offers Help

Jan 9, 2019
Credit Kealey Bultena file photo

Farmers and ranchers deal with high levels of stress, which often leads to anxiety and depression. That’s why Avera Behavioral Health is offering a new 24-hour Farmers’ Stress Hotline dedicated to serving the state’s farmers and ranchers who want help. 

For more than 40 years, Jim Woster visited farms and appraised livestock for the Sioux Falls Stockyards. In that time he got to know plenty of farmers and ranchers, and he understands the way the business can wear on someone’s mental health.

Jackie Hendry

The emotional and physical benefits of music have gained legitimacy in the medical field over the past twenty years. Music therapy now helps patients facing a wide variety of conditions. At Avera Health’s Prairie Center in Sioux Falls, an ongoing concert series is  an extension of a growing  music therapy program.  

It’s official: Sanford Health and the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society finalized their merge on the first of the year. Together they employ nearly 50 thousand employees across more than 20 states, providing healthcare to patients from birth to old age. But as nursing homes continue to face financial struggles in South Dakota, the organizations expect to work closely with state legislators to prevent further closures.

In The Moment ... January 3, 2019 Show 487 Hour 1

A new book by dietitian Tamara Duker Freuman guides readers through the confusing and conflicting (and sometimes, let's be honest, embarrassing) world of digestive distress.

The book is called "The Bloated Belly Whisperer," and it offers science-based, accessible, and practical advice so you can better talk with your doctor and put those "food babies" to rest once and for all.

First Case of Rare Paralyzing Illness Confirmed in South Dakota

Dec 20, 2018
South Dakota Department of Health

Health officials have confirmed the first case of a rare paralyzing illness in South Dakota. Acute flaccid myelitis can cause weakness in the arms and legs, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and other symptoms. More than 150 cases of the disease have been reported around the country this year.

State epidemiologist Josh Clayton says the case in eastern South Dakota was first reported in early November. The confirmation comes after multiple tests and collaboration with the CDC.

Writing as Meditation: The Benefits of Journaling

Dec 20, 2018
Jackie Hendry

Life can be hectic - and for many people, the holiday season can bring a seemingly endless list of to-dos and deadlines. But what if you could find a little peace by picking up a pen? The health benefits of writing and journaling are gaining more attention in research, but for some people this is nothing new. 

There’s an extensive record collection in the corner of Kaiya Ansorge’s living room. Sometimes, she sifts through the albums to find just the right sound for the day. Today she pulls out “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

Pennington County is the recipient of a nearly $120-thousand grant to study behavioral health needs in western South Dakota.

Officials say the yearlong study is already underway by the National Council for Behavioral Health.

The grant will allow the group and county to collect data, identify needs and offer suggested solutions for West River counties to better address the issue.

Selby Saves Nursing Home, Looks to Hire Local

Dec 5, 2018
Walworth County Care Center Facebook Page

When the operators of Selby’s nursing home announced plans to pull out of the facility nearly three months ago, the town’s residents took action. Selby is a town of less than 700 people in north central South Dakota. The community set out to raise half a million dollars to take over operations of their nursing home by December 1st. 

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Last week the Center for Disease Control and Prevention connected shortening life expectancies in the United States with increasing rates of death by drug overdose. Regional healthcare providers continue to develop innovative treatment methods for addiction in the face of the opioid crisis. It marks progress in a field that has only recently recognized addiction as a disease. 

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... December 3, 2018 Show 471 Hour 1

The season of lights, bright toys and things that make noise is upon us. Children that are sensitive to things like this often have a harder time coping with this. The Children's Museum of South Dakota in Brookings has put together some time for these children to experience the holidays. Sunday December 16th from 10am until 12pm, it's Sensory Friendly Play.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... December 3, 2018 Show 471 Hour 2

Last week, Avera and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation hosted the Sixth Annual Avera and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Symposium in downtown Sioux Falls. The symposium addressed the impact of the current opioid epidemic and discuss proven solutions.

In response to the opioid epidemic, Dr. Marvin Seppala and Hazelden Betty Ford developed the Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12) program, which combines traditional methods of treatment with Suboxone to help treat those addicted to opioids.

In The Moment ... November 29, 2018 Show 469 Hour 2

"Treat your feet like puppy dogs," says Dr. Richard Holm. The Prairie Doc says it's good advice for all of us, especially if you're diabetic.

Regional Health

Practice makes perfect, but in the healthcare field there's not much room for error. The growing field of high-fidelity patient simulators is helping care providers prepare for emergencies in relatively low-stress environments. Regional Health is adding a new model to its simulation program: an obstetric unit that simulates childbirth. SDPB's Jackie Hendry reports. 

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... November 26, 2018 Show 466 Hour 1

The annual open enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Cara Act is underway. The deadline to sign up or update your plan on is December 15. (Enrollment began November 1st.)

Our guests include: Lisa Carlson, Senior director of the Sanford Health Plan, Judy McCarthy ACA Navigator from Western South Dakota Community Action, and Deb Mueller, CEO of Avera Health Plans.

We hear a Spearfish man's story of crisis and recovery.

SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt and Chynna Lockett report on efforts to train professionals and volunteers in responding to people in crisis.

Plus, we talk with Rev. Christy Hallenbeck Ask about the BeFriender Ministry and efforts within faith communities to develop lay ministry skills.

When people are sad, lonely, stressed, or even facing a full-scale mental health crisis, they are often told "It Gets Better." In a state with limited access to mental health resources, what do we do Before It Gets Better?

This hour we welcome reports from SDPB's Lee Strubinger, Jackie Hendry, and Cara Hetland.

We also welcome insight from Dr. Stephen Manlove, Manlove Psychaitric Group, Rapid City, and Amber Reints, a psyciatric mental health nurse practitioner.

Adria Botella

Pastor Christy Hallenbeck Ask joins the program to talk about a new training resource for faith congregations called BeFriender Ministry, as we look at ways South Dakotans are reaching out to one another.

As healthcare professionals bring more focus to mental health treatment, one effort is  to prevent suicide.  The best way to  know what works and what doesn’t:  data and research.

In 2015, Avera Health began a Zero Suicide initiative to collect patient data and track the effectiveness of depression screening and treatment. But there were a pieces of data that Avera couldn’t access...until now. A new partnership with the South Dakota Department of Health is filling in data gaps to  help  prevent future suicides.

Prate To Keynote South Dakota Hunger Summit

Nov 9, 2018
Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

In The Moment ... November 9, 2018 Show 458 Hour 1

People's right to healthy and sustainable food is the focus of the South Dakota Hunger Summit in Mitchell on Tuesday.

Michael Prate, the keynote speaker, is the food sovereignty coordinator with Rosebud Economic Development Corporation. He discusses food security and projects at Rosebud.

In The Moment ... November 8, 2018 Show 457 Hour 2

Vascular disease is the 15th leading cause of death in the United States. Dr. Richard Holm is known as "The Prairie Doc." He joins us today with insight on this disease.

Pennington County Sheriff's Office

In The Moment ... November 1, 2018 Show 452 Hour 1

Dr. Belisle, the new clinical psychologist at the Pennington County Sheriff's Office, states that there's plenty his field can offer to officers in the field. 

Tribal Health Board Seeks Input On Rapid City Facility

Oct 24, 2018

The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board is seeking community input for a tribal run hospital on the north east side of Rapid City.

The organization presented processes taken thus far to open a self-governed healthcare system.

In 2017, the Oglala, Rosebud and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes voted to transfer authority of management of the IHS run Sioux San hospital, over to the authority of the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board.

Part of that transfer of authority, includes seeking a self-governance status with the federal government.

The Prairie Doc - Medication Overuse

Oct 18, 2018

In The Moment ... October 18. 2018 Show 444 Hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm is The Prairie Doc.

Today, he joined us from the Jeanine Baysinger studio at South Dakota State University to discuss the overprescription of medication, leading to possible substance dependence. 

The Prairie Doc: What Happens At The ICU?

Oct 11, 2018

In The Moment ... October 11. 2018 Show 440 Hour 2

What happens in the ICU?  It's the topic of conversation for On Call with the Prairie Doc tonight on SDPB-TV at 7:00 Central/6:00 Mountain.

The Prairie Doc is Dr. Richard Holm and he joined In The Moment with a preview of tonight’s show.

Selby Community Forms Non-Profit to Save Nursing Home

Oct 11, 2018
Walworth County Care Center Facebook Page

The nursing home in Selby has served the small community for more than 50 years. When its operators announced plans to pull out of the facility, concerned community members sprang into action to keep the home running. 

The Good Samaritan Society announced plans to end its operation of the facility in Selby in late September, but it gave the community some options. The home could close, the community could temporarily fund the society for one year, or the community could form its own organization to run the home.

Jackie Hendry

A recent study shows 65% of the country’s non-metropolitan counties do not have a psychiatrist, and nearly half don’t have a psychologist. As mental health needs continue to rise, telemedicine may offer a solution for rural areas lacking access to those services. On Wednesday, the Helmsley Charitable Trust announced a grant to establish a first-of-its-kind behavioral health service through Avera’s eCARE center in Sioux Falls. 

Jackie Hendry

Avera Health is hosting an art exhibit that highlights Lakota perspectives of the Wounded Knee Massacre. The display is in partnership with the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies.  

The exhibit is called “Takuwe,” which is the Lakota word for “Why.” It’s the third exhibit Avera’s Prairie Center has hosted in partnership with CAIRNS, but the first to focus on such a historic moment in both state and tribal history.

The Prairie Doc - Heart Disease

Oct 4, 2018

In The Moment ... October 4. 2018 Show 436 Hour 2

On Call with the Prairie Doc is on SDPB-TV Thursday nights at 7 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. MDT.

Today Dr. Holm joined In The Moment to talk about heart disease and the symptoms of coronary artery disease.

The Prairie Doc - Suicide Prevention

Sep 27, 2018

In The Moment ... September 27. 2018 Show 431 Hour 2 

On Call with the Prairie Doc is on SDPB-TV Thursday nights at 7 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. MDT.

Today Dr. Holm joined In The Moment from the Jeanine Basinger Studio at SDSU to discuss suicide prevention in the Midwest.