Four Bands Community Fund

A new initiative has been launched by a Native American non-profit on the Cheyenne River Reservation to help boost the local economy through cultural tourism. Over the next two years, Four Bands Community Fund will implement the “Rediscovering Native Art on Cheyenne River” project to assist artists in marketing their work. Tanya Fiddler, executive director of Four Bands, says that Cheyenne River offers unparalleled beauty and a rich cultural experience for visitors. She says the project will help people on the reservation to embrace that culture and think of it as an asset.

Lawmakers are voicing their concerns in Pierre on Friday that South Dakota reservations top the list of some of the poorest regions in the Nation. Republican legislators are addressing some of the obstacles that Native Americans face in overcoming poverty on South Dakota reservations. They say keeping tribal businesses up and running plays a big role in helping to break the cycle of poverty.