Fiscal Year 2019

The 93rd Legislature Approves Budget And Adjourns

Mar 9, 2018
Melissa Hamersma Sievers / SDPB


The state legislature is adjusting the current fiscal year and setting next year’s budget.

It’s the final bill lawmakers pass before adjourning for the year.

Lawmakers are giving increases to education, state employees and community providers.

Lawmakers say extra money in consumer pockets because of recent federal tax cuts is what’s behind optimistic budget revisions for the rest of fiscal year 2018 and increases the following year.

Jenifer Jones / SDPB

The legislative committee tasked with crafting the South Dakota state budget has adopted their projections.

Those include a revision to the current fiscal year, as well as an 18 month projection to the end of next fiscal year.

So far, the projection numbers are good news for officials.

For fiscal year 2018, the Joint Appropriations Committee decided on a revised budget number of $1,586,137,345.