Dr. Richard Holm


In The Moment ... February 1, 2018 Show 268 Hour 2

Tonight at 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain on SDPB-TV, it's On Call with the Prairie Doc. Bugs Around Us That Bug Us is the title of tonight's show. Dr. Richard Holm is the Prairie Doc and he talks ticks with SDPB's Chris Laughery.

In The Moment ... January 18, 2018 Show 258 Hour 2

It's January in South Dakota, and this year's flu season has South Dakotans suffering. Dr. Richard Holm discusses winter ailments, from influenza to dry skin to frostbite.

Dr. Holm recommends the following websites for reliable online medical information: prairiedoc.org and medlineplus.gov.

In The Moment ... January 11, 2018 Show 254 Hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm joins In the Moment for his weekly preview of On Call with the Prairie Doc. This week's conversation talks about the history of the television program and where to find accurate medical information.

In The Moment ... January 4, 2018 Show 249 Hour 2

Dr. Holm joins us for a conversation about popular food myths. We talk eggs, carbs, and supplements.

In The Moment ... December 21, 2017 Show 245 Hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm joins us for a weekly preview of "On Call with the Prairie Doc." Today we talk a little about music, his son Eric (who joined us today for Moment in Sound), and about medical education in South Dakota.

In The Moment ... December 21, 2017 Show 245 Hour 2

Musician Eric Holm joins us for a Thursday Moment in Sound. He shares some "queer, leftist, country music," and we discuss everything from growing up in South Dakota to finding a unique sound in a NYC neighborhood honky-tonk.

In The Moment ... December 14, 2017 Show 240 Hour 2 

Dr Richard Holm joins us for our weekly preview of "On Call with the Prairie Doc." This week we talk about pancreatic cancer.

In The Moment ... December 7, 2017 Show 235 Hour 2 

As America faces an opioid epidemic, South Dakota wrestles to keep a full-blown crisis outside our borders. We spend the hour discussing pain, alternative paths to pain management, and opioid overuse.

Scott Dover is the program manager for integrated health at the VA Medical Center in Sioux Falls. Grant Dorothy is a combat-wounded veteran. He served in Vietnam and gets his healthcare at VA.

In The Moment November 30, 2017 Show 230 Hour 1 

Dr. Richard Holm joins us with his thoughts on the cost of healthcare in America, the challenges that lie ahead, and where we go from here to provide affordable access for all.


In The Moment ... November 16, 2017 Show 222 Hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm is host of “On Call with the Prairie Doc.” We preview tonight’s program on infectious disease and also discuss why parents should keep cell phones out of family bedrooms.


In the Moment ... October 12, 2017 Show 197 Hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm joins us for your weekly checkup. We preview this week’s “On Call with the Prairie Doc” on SDPB-TV.


In The Moment ... October 5, 2017 Show 192 hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm is known as the Prairie Doc. He joins us weekly to talk timely health topics.


In The Moment ... September 28, 2017 Show 187 Hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm is known as the Prairie Doc. He joins us each week at this time to talk health and more.


In The Moment ... September 14, 2017 Show 177 Hour 2

SDPB’s Fritz Miller and SDPB staffers have traveled across the state, bringing screenings of “The Vietnam War” to communities and meeting with veterans. As we prepare for the landmark Ken Burns documentary, we take time to reflect on conversations with South Dakotans impacted by the Viet Nam War.

Dr. Holm is the Prairie Doc. See him Thursday’s at 7 p.m. Central Time on SDPB. Today he joins us to talk about longevity and the three things you can do for vibrant health today.


In The Moment ... September 7, 2017 Show 172 Hour 2

We begin the hour with Retired Brigadier General Robert Benson. You can hear him speak about his more than 30-year career with the South Dakota National Guard this weekend as part of the South Dakota Veterans forum. That's 9 a.m. to 11, mountain time at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum.

Dr. Richard Holm is host and creator of On Call With the Prairie Doc. He joins us to preview tonight's program on SDPB-TV with the theme of dental care for the elderly. 


In The Moment ... August 31, 2017 Show 168 Hour 2

Dr. Richard Holm is known as the Prairie Doc. You can see his television program on SDPB-TV tonight. Tonight's episode is titled "Scratches, Sores, and Bumps on the Skin" and begins at 7 Central 6 Mountain.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... August 17,2017 Show 158 Hour 2

What’s the impact of war on higher education? Today we welcome University of Sioux Falls professor Stephen Jackson. He’s been at work exploring the impact of World War II on the University of Sioux Falls. Dr. Jackson’s research will appear alongside other scholars’ work in the book “Denominational Higher Education During World War II.” The book focuses on the framing of faith and war, service to the nation, and the dynamics of the denominational campus during the war years.