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Thunder Valley CDC

In The Moment ... October 13, 2017 Show 198 Hour 1

New houses are under construction in the Pine Ridge Reservation. The project is part of Thunder Valley CDC. They offer work programs for low income families. SDPB's Chynna Lockett spoke with the Community Engagement Coordinator for Thunder Valley, Andrew Iron Shell.


In The Moment ... October 10, 2017 Show 195 Hour 2

Hugh Weber dishes up another helping of the Potluck Society. This week we meet Matt Paulson, founder of MarketBeat. His company is one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the state. Even though Paulson has written eight personal finance and entrepreneurship books, he might not sound like your typical entrepreneur.

In The Moment ... October 5, 2017 Show 192 hour 1

Modern brewers continue the quest for the perfect brew. Dr. Andrew Russell is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Northern State University. He's lecturing on the microbiology of brewing this Friday at the Agriculture Heritage Museum in Brookings.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... September 29, 2017 Show 188 Hour 1

If you're looking to make a little money (or a lot of money) in the future, you might do well to study the past. How about 400 years of big ideas and start-ups, for example. Bhu Srinivasan has written a new book. It's called “Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism.” It's a roll through the "Next Big Thing" of the past few centuries. He joins us to talk innovation, the motivation for immigration, and the surprising adaptability of American economic machinery.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... September 28, 2017 Show 187 Hour 1

In The Moment ... September 11, 2017 Show 174 Hour 1

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... August 24, 2017 Show 163 Hour 2

What makes a city thrive in 2017? Hani Shafai is the president of Dream Design International. He joins us to talk about development in the private sector in Rapid City. It’s a conversation about affordable housing, how a new generation lives and works, and overcoming hardship.

Dr. Richard Holm is the Prairie Doc. See his program on SDPB-TV. Today we talk about eye health.

In The Moment ... August 14, 2017 Show 155 Hour 1

In The Moment ... August 3, 2017 Show 148 Hour 2

Today in Sioux Falls, the first workshop of the Western Governors' Workforce Development Initiative is underway. It's the central policy initiative of South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard's term as chair of the Western Governors' Association. It seeks to bridge the gap between workers and employers in the west in the hopes of building a more vibrant regional economy. This morning Governor Daugaard addressed the audience. We bring you Governor Daugaard's remarks from this morning.