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Kealey Bultena / SDPB

It’s the start of this year’s legislative session, and leaders are already split over how to budget new money coming to South Dakota. Online retailer Amazon is starting to collect sales tax on South Dakota purchases next month. Its timing could pose a planning issue.

Amazon begins charging both state and local sales tax for South Dakota purchases in February. Democrat and State Senator Billie Sutton says lawmakers should include those dollars in the budget that starts July first.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

South Dakota’s two largest cities are breaking building permit records again. Rapid City is more than $50 million ahead of the previous top year. Sioux Falls is setting a record for the fourth year in a row, and the year isn't over yet.

Right now building permits in Rapid City are worth more than $310 million. Division manager of building inspections Brad Solon says Rapid City hit its previous record in November, so every permit since pushes the landmark higher.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

The "shop local" cause has a high-profile advocate this holiday season. South Dakota’s governor is encouraging people to do their last-minute shopping in communities across the state instead of with retailers outside of South Dakota.

Governor Dennis Daugaard is popping into different retail shops and restaurants in downtown Sioux Falls. He asks a local restauranteur what the best meal on the menu is. The owner says the governor can't go wrong.

Daugaard says he’s finished shopping for Christmas gifts in Pierre and in Sioux Falls.

City of Sioux Falls

Builders are launching $15 million worth of projects in Sioux Falls to increase the city’s affordable housing options. Most of the funding comes through the state’s housing development authority. The City of Sioux Falls is lending the projects hundreds of thousands of dollars. The two projects appeal to people in different circumstances.

Charles Michael Ray

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard says a budget shortfall in the state is partially a result of low commodity prices. Both ranchers and farmers have taken a hit over the last year.

Two livestock industry groups in South Dakota have differing opinions on the root causes of low cattle prices.

Over the last year live cattle futures have consistently dropped until around October when they began rebounding.

That drop in cattle prices is one of the reason’s Governor Dennis Daugaard is calling for a leaner than normal budget for Fiscal Year 2018.

Clement Speaks On The Philanthropy Of John T. Vucurevich

Dec 8, 2016
Charles Michael Ray

Dale Clement served as dean of the University of South Dakota School of Business for 26 years. Today, he is a John T. Vucurevich Foundation board member.  The foundation is among the largest philanthropic organizations in South Dakota.  It provides millions of dollars in grants each year in support of the arts, education, science, and social welfare.

The Frontier Agency is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations grow and raise funds. The company is based in Nashville and their CEO, Rod Arnold, is a South Dakota native. Arnold talks about the impact of Giving Tuesday campaigns in the state and nationwide. One of the Frontier Agency's clients is Native Hope in Chamberlain.

South Dakota Retailers Association

The election and ag commodity prices have caused caution in South Dakota shoppers. Shawn Lyons, executive director of the South Dakota Retailers Association, visits about the retail forecast for the holiday season.

Nancy Savage is a small business owner in Sioux Falls. She joins Dakota Midday to discuss the success of this year's "Small Business Saturday" for local retailers and strategies small businesses employ to pull customers away from the big box stores.

Courtesy Native American Natural Foods

A South Dakota based Native American food company has been recognized as a Certified B Corporation. The non-profit organization B Lab judges businesses on how they benefit their workers, their community and the world.  

Native American Natural Foods is based in the Pine Ridge Reservation village of Kyle. Since it created the buffalo-meat and cranberry health snack “Tanka Bar’ in 2007 it’s become a nationally recognized leader in the natural foods field.

Rita Anderson

The DeSmet Community Foundation is a winner of the 2016 Bush Foundation Award for Community Development. DeSmet Community Foundation representative Rita Anderson visits about the foundation's efforts to solve long-standing community problems in rural areas such as DeSmet. She also discusses how the DeSmet Community Foundation is a model for how towns across the region can thrive and succeed.

Dakota Midday: Bush Foundation Announcements

Nov 15, 2016

Duchesne Drew, Community Network Vice President for the Bush Foundation, joins Dakota Midday to announce the South Dakota recipients of the 2016 Bush Foundation Award for Community Innovation. In his position, Drew oversees and integrates the work of communication, community innovation and leadership program teams.

New Focus On Helping Native Veterans Buy Homes

Nov 11, 2016
Courtesy Mazaska Financial

A group called the South Dakota Native Home Ownership Coalition has created a new home ownership committee to focus on the housing needs of Native veterans in the state. The group focuses specifically on housing stock and land issues, homebuyer education and subsidies for Native American veterans.

Photographer Amos Kolbo is one of the headliners for the OTA Finale this weekend in Sioux Falls. Kolbo and his wife Carly run Carly Loves Amos. Kolbo has been self-employed since the age of 16. He joins Dakota Midday to talk about the entrepreneurial community, living and working in a creative studio space, and why marriage is like a "slumber party" with your best friend.

Dakota Midday: OTA Finale

Nov 7, 2016
Hugh Weber

Hugh Weber returns to Dakota Midday for a conversation about the OTA Finale this weekend in Sioux Falls. He discussed the trajectory of OTA, the creative thinkers en route to the state, and how the Bush Foundation continues to influence the region with an influx of financial support and influence.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

People who study differences across generations say they have some tips for business leaders and workers. Experts with a Minneapolis organization are in Sioux Falls. They’re discussing the social and business benefits of creating a collaborative atmosphere across ages.

Scott Zimmer is the Generation X representative for BridgeWorks. Hannah Ubl is the millennial. They both say all age groups attract stereotypes. 

"Scott’s generation was slackers, grunge, Nirvana, flannel,” Ubl says.

Dakota Midday: Geno Church At OTA: Black Hills

Oct 18, 2016
Brains on Fire

Author Geno Church, creative director of Brains on Fire, speaks at OTA: Black Hills this Friday. He joins Dakota Midday to talk about authentic conversation, how a brand can spark conversation, and how to focus on people so people can tell the story of your business. Church's most recent book, The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing, was released in 2013.

Lakota-Owned Business Opens In Oelrichs

Aug 29, 2016
Photo by Jim Kent

 A Lakota man and his wife have assumed ownership of a business at a Pine Ridge Reservation border town. This might not sound like a major news story...but we visited the couple to discuss what’s becoming a growing trend around Pine Ridge…Lakota owned and operated enterprises.

Just off Highway 385 and 13 miles west of the Pine Ridge Reservation sits the town of Oelrichs. Population 126.

Arrowhead Foods Catches Fire

Jul 25, 2016
Bruce BonFleur / Lakota Hope Ministries

A building in Whiteclay, Nebraska burned down on Monday afternoon. Arrowhead Foods was a total loss.

Bruce BonFleur is the director for Lakota Hope Ministries based in White Clay. He shot video of the fire and says it burned for almost five hours.

Whiteclay sits on the border of the Pine Ridge Reservation where alcohol is prohibited.  The liquor stores in the small town sell millions of cans of beer each year, mostly to tribal residents. But Arrowhead Foods  sold only groceries and no alcohol.  

Chynna Lockett / SDPB

The owner of one of Sturgis’s largest biker bars says the new facility is going to be open this year for the rally.

Last year, the Full Throttle Saloon located outside Sturgis near Fort Meade caught fire and burned down.  But Mike Ballard purchased the Broken Spoke Saloon north of Bear Butte earlier this year and is relocating.

Ballard says they are rebuilding the bar in a different building from the Broken Spoke…

New Project Aims To Employ At Risk Teens

Jul 5, 2016

There is a stereotype that teenagers like to do reckless and dumb things.  Some research  backs up this notion.  Neurologists have found that teenage brains don’t process risk the same way adults do.

This might be why many teens are drawn to extreme sports… take the X Games for example.

But extreme sports are not usually sanctioned by schools and they require gear, like rock climbing shoes, downhill mountain bikes, and snowboard pants.   

Brexit Could Benefit South Dakota Business

Jun 25, 2016

After Thursday’s vote to leave the European Union, the UK’s business future is still hazy. But for South Dakota, one expert thinks this new opportunity could result in further trade abroad.

Rapid City Chamber of Commerce & Community Conversations

The Rapid City Chamber of Commerce met Thursday morning to reveal a new initiative to promote racial equality in the workplace. It’s a pledge, called “In the Spirit of Mitákuye Oyás’in or We Are All Related” and comes after a yearlong process of identifying social issues in the city.

The pledge to end discrimination in Rapid City businesses came after the Chamber was approached by Community Conversations, an organization formed to address racial inequality.

Courtesy Bush Foundation

During her career Pam Moret spent a lot of time as a leader. Before she retired Moret served as President and CEO brightpeak financial and Senior Vice President Strategic Development at Thrivent Financial.

Courtesy Cuny Communications

The Pine Ridge Reservation has a new banking service that operates on 4 wheels. The “Rolling Rez Bus” brings the Lakota Federal Credit Union to tribal members living in remote areas of Pine Ridge saving them time, gas and money.

Beginning this week and once-a-week from now on, tribal members in the village of Pine Ridge, Oglala or even the remote Red Shirt Table will have access to a bank with the arrival of the “Rolling Rez Bus”.

Matt Paulson

A group of local investors has just launched the Falls Angel Fund targeting early-stage companies with high-growth potential.  Matthew Paulson, Falls Angel Fund Chairman and lead investor; and Rich Naser, Zeal join the program to discuss this new funding opportunity for Sioux Falls area startups.

Courtesy Four Bands Community Fund

The Four Bands Community Fund is celebrating a milestone as it reaches the $1.5 million mark in business loans provided to Native Americans living outside reservations across the state. The organization expanded its target market two years ago from those living on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation to a broader client base statewide.

Although the smoothie may not be a traditional Lakota drink, it’s been a staple for Michelle Antone in her business “Edible Arrangements’ – in Rapid City.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

South Dakotans list agriculture as the number one driver of economic development. That’s according to a recent survey that polled people nationally and gathered data in three separate states. Some people’s perceptions of the economy don’t jibe directly with information from businesses. 

A Wells Fargo and USA Today survey polled South Dakotans to find out which sectors they think contribute to a healthy economy. The top responses in order were agriculture, health care, education, construction, and retail.

2012 Tax Refunds Still Available

Mar 22, 2016

Time is running out for South Dakotans to file their 2012 tax returns.   Millions of dollars are available for tax payers who didn’t file four years ago

Nationally there is over $950 million available for 2012 tax returns alone. The Internal Revenue Service gives tax payers three years to file returns after any tax season. This is possible because there is no penalty for filing late if a refund is due.  Any refunds that remain unclaimed after the three year deadline become property of the US Treasury. IRS Spokesperson Karen Connelly says happens more than you’d think.

Native American Natural Foods Keeps On Growing

Mar 16, 2016
Courtesy Native American Natural Foods

Native American Natural Foods’ Tanka Bar has grown from a small local health food to the most popular snack product sold by Recreational Equipment, Incorporated…commonly known as REI. 

As the Pine Ridge Reservation-based Tanka Bar manufacturer prepared to attend yet another natural foods expo, we visited with company president Mark Tilsen to discuss the growth and popularity of the small-town Lakota business.