In The Moment ... African Children's Choir

Aug 18, 2017
African Children's Choir

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The African Children's Choir returns to South Dakota to bring smiles and spread cheer through their music and dance.  The Choir performs in Dell Rapids on August 23 and in Brookings on August 25.  Heidi Moen, a South Dakota resident, books North American tour dates for the African Children's Choir.  She joins In The Moment to visit about the tour and the Choir's mission.

A group of South Dakotans is striving to keep the wool industry alive. SDPB's Chynna Lockett reports from Rapid City.

Courtesy Melody Schopp

South Dakota’s Secretary of Education is reflecting on a recent trip to Africa. Melody Schopp is set to be the next president of the Council of Chief State School Officers, and she went to Malawi last week through the US Department of State.

Schopp says students in Malawi learn in huge classes or groups outside, and they don’t have bright, colorful classrooms like she sees in South Dakota. She says she saw this while touring African schools.

A new book for children tells the story of how the gift of a cow changes the life of a young African boy’s family. The story is told from two perspectives. A Moo For You, is the boy’s take on the story. The other, All That A Moo Can Do, comes from the cow’s perspective.

Black Hills State University

Black Hills State University is forging a partnership with Botho University in Botswana. On March 10th, the two universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding during a special ceremony on the Spearfish campus. BHSU President Tom Jackson, Jr. says that the agreement will allow the two universities to help each other on the international stage.

Courtesy of Frontline

Some 4,000 people in West Africa have been confirmed infected with Ebola since the outbreak started in March. Around half have died of the disease. The World Health Organization says responders need to be prepared for an “exponential increase” in cases in upcoming weeks. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the Ebola outbreak is “spiraling out of control.”

John Moore/Getty Images

Officials say that some of the people who fled an Ebola quarantine center in a slum in Monrovia, Liberia when it was attacked over the weekend are again under observation at a hospital. The attack is an example of the struggles health workers face in their efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Upheaval In South Sudan

Jan 8, 2014

Conflict broke out in South Sudan in mid-December.  Border disputes and ethnic battles have resulted in hundreds of deaths.  Today, the South Sudan peace talks being held in Ethiopia stalled and Uganda is sending in more troops and military hardware.  Sioux Falls resident David Jal postponed a trip there due to the upheaval.  Jal was born in the Dunyal Village in Southern Sudan but fled at the age of 10 when civil war intensified.  In 1994, he was approved to be resettled in the United States and was able to come as a refugee in 1995.  Jal is currently a probation officer with the South Dak

Fulbright Award Winner To Teach In Botswana

Apr 16, 2013

Mejai Bola Mike Avoseh, Ph.D., associate professor of education at the University of South Dakota, has won a Fulbright Award to conduct research and lecture in Botswana.  Avoseh will begin his journey to Botswana, in southern Africa, in July.