Affordable Housing

Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... May 30, 2018 Show 347 Hour 2

It's an infusion of grant money to help reduce the impact of the crisis of poverty. We're joined by Anna Quinn, executive director of the HOPE Center in Rapid City.

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In The Moment ... May 24, 2018 Show 344 Hour 1

Deidre Schmidt shares her expertise on creating housing that helps communities thrive at Morning Fil-Up at The Garage in Rapid City. Morning Fill-up is brought to you by the Numad Group with support from The Bush Foundation.

Schmidt is president and CEO of CommonBond Communities.

To listen to Diedre Schmidt's Morning Fill-Up conversation, click play below.

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In The Moment ... September 7, 2017 Show 172 Hour 1

Should the Law School at the University of South Dakota relocate to Sioux Falls? A committee continues to seek input about the option, and SDPB's Jackie Hendry was in the room for the second meeting, yesterday in Sioux Falls.

Rapid City Experiments To Provide Affordable Housing

Sep 6, 2017
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

Rapid City has a new housing development in the works that will provide five affordable new homes.

It’s a city hall experiment that allows higher density in a neighborhood, which in turn drives down the price of each house.

Over the past few years, the cost of housing has risen faster than wages.

Robert Graham is standing on the lot where his new home is going up.

The 51 year old spent more than a decade in the marines during the Gulf War. He recently decided it was time to buy a house, but it was harder than he thought.

Lee Strubinger / SDPB

Construction is set to begin shortly on a special, high density workforce housing development in Rapid City.

City officials and developer Neighbor Works broke ground Wednesday for the Village On Monroe affordable housing project.

Five homes are set for construction on one city lot at the corner of Dilger and Monroe. The homes are either one bedroom or two bedroom. The density of homes on one lot are expected to drive the cost down.

City officials say the project is an experiment in housing development and the permitting process.

City of Sioux Falls

Builders are launching $15 million worth of projects in Sioux Falls to increase the city’s affordable housing options. Most of the funding comes through the state’s housing development authority. The City of Sioux Falls is lending the projects hundreds of thousands of dollars. The two projects appeal to people in different circumstances.

Homeless Advisory Board Coordinator Stacey Tieszen and volunteer Matt Gage discuss the nationwide annual homeless count, the conversations volunteers have with those experiencing homelessness, and how more than half of Sioux Falls homeless citizens are employed.

The city of Brookings is putting together a task force to look at affordable housing options.

Tim Reed is the mayor of Brookings. He says a high percentage of residents spend more than 33% of their income on housing, making paying for other items like food and medical expenses challenging. 

Reed says the task force is studying possible incentives for contractors to build more affordable housing or for  better city regulations.

SD Housing for the Homeless Consortium

A statewide survey shows more than 1,000 people in South Dakota are homeless. But advocates for affordable and appropriate housing say the number of people in need is much higher. Stakeholders in Sioux Falls gathered Wednesday to discuss a plan to curb homelessness and improve quality of life.

The official 2015 Statewide Point in Time Homeless Count reveals 1,036 people are homeless in South Dakota. That one-day snapshot shows the number of people without a home is up 17 percent from last year.

About 900 people responded to this spring’s citizen survey in the city of Sioux Falls. Ninety-three percent of people rank their neighborhoods as safe, and 87 percent say their quality of life in the city is either good or excellent.