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In The Moment ... June 21, 2018 Show 363 Hour 1

The state's largest gathering of Republicans is underway in Pierre. The statewide GOP convention is time for delegates to update the party platform and also choose their candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Constitutional Officers.

SDPB's Kevin Woster writes about the fireworks on his blog. It's called On the Other Hand.

State Dems Pick Seiler As Attorney General Candidate

Jun 15, 2018
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

South Dakota Democrats are picking former US Attorney Randy Seiler to run for attorney general.

Seiler says he wants to change the culture of the Attorney General’s office.

“The Attorney General needs to do and be a leader,” Seiler says. “To basically set a culture not just of prosecution, but of outreach and recovery, of treatment and to explore with the professionals in South Dakota what opportunities there are for recovery, other than just incarceration.”

In The Moment ... June 14, 2018 Show 358 Hour 2

Earlier this morning, Democratic candidate Billie Sutton announced his running mate in the race for governor.

Michelle Lavallee is a Sioux Falls businesswoman and a former Republican.

SDPB's Lee Strubinger joins the show to tell us more about Sutton's running mate.

On The Other Hand With Kevin Woster

Jun 14, 2018

In The Moment ... June 14, 2018 Show 358 Hour 1

Kevin Woster visits about his latest On The Other Hand blog post at SDPB.org.  Today's discussion centers on the race for South Dakota's Attorney General polition - and that elusive mountain lion!


In The Moment ... June 12, 2018 Show 356 Hour 2

South Dakota Democrats gather this week for their 2018 State Convention.

South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg and Executive Director Sam Parkinson preview the convention.

South Dakota ACLU Discusses Election Season

Jun 7, 2018
South Dakota ACLU

In The Moment ... June 7, 2018 Show 353 Hour 1

It's a busy political year in South Dakota as we look ahead to a new governor, a new U.S. Representative and a new Attorney General.

South Dakota American Civil Liberties Union leadership discusses their work during this election cycle.

Heather Smith, executive director of ACLU South Dakota joins In The Moment along with policy director Libby Skarin.

Lori Walsh

The South Dakota democratic nominee for US House is kicking off his general election campaign following the primary election.
Tim Bjorkman didn’t have a primary opponent, but is now focused on his republican competitor.
Bjorkman says he and his opponent, Dusty Johnson, are remarkably different people.

Noem, Johnson Win Big In Primary Elections

Jun 6, 2018
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

South Dakota Republicans are choosing U.S. Representative Kristi Noem as their candidate for the governor.

Noem edged out Attorney General Marty Jackley in Tuesday’s primary.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem beat the attorney general by over 12,000 votes. Polls indicated the race for governor would be close. The unofficial election night results ended up wider than anticipated by some.

During a watch-party at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sioux Falls, Noem says she’s overwhelmed by the trust voters put in her.

SDPB's Strubinger Previews Primary

Jun 4, 2018

In The Moment ... June 4, 2018 Show 350 Hour 1

Tuesday is South Dakota's primary and special election. Republicans are choosing between some of the state's high profile candidates for governor and U.S. House.

There's also a vote to amend Marsy's Law. And Rapid City voters will decide whether the city should issue bonds for a new arena at the Civic Center.

SDPB political reporter Lee Strubinger focuses on the issues.


US House candidate Neal Tapio says if elected he’ll declare a state of emergency to renegotiate treaties with South Dakota tribes.

It’s a policy platform the Tapio campaign released earlier this week, which garnered headlines.

He says he’s identified systematic problems in the Indian reservation program.

“We need to renegotiate these treaties,” Tapio says. “Because it’s leaving behind a generation of people that are suffering from a lack of hope and a lack of purpose. We need major changes on the reservation system”

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 31, 2018 Show 348 Hour 1

Kevin Woster, host of the SDPB blog "On the Other Hand," visits about the latest round of political advertising in South Dakota with under a week to go before the state's primary election. 


Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor, Marty Jackley says his opponent is using Washington-style politics to smear his campaign.

Before a gubernatorial debate on SDPB last/Tuesday night, the Kristi Noem campaign drew connections between Jackley and a Sioux Falls businessman accused of wire and mail fraud.

In 2016, Global Aquaponics broke ground on a hydroponics farming facility just south of Brookings. The company planned on combining fish farming and growing plants in water.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 29, 2018 Show 346 Hour 1

Next week voters decide which candidates represent the Republican Party in the general election. Let SDPB help you become better informed. Watch the Republican Gubernatorial Primary debate at 8:00 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV (streamed at SDPB.org). Listen to the radio replay Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Central during In The Moment.

The winner of the Republican Primary goes on to face Democrat Billie Sutt0n, a State Senator state from Burke.


Each of the three Republican candidates for South Dakota’s lone US House seat has a different idea for representing the state’s ag sector in Washington DC.
Those candidates squared off on South Dakota Public Broadcasting TV Thursday night.
The debate centered around a host of national issues that effect South Dakota, including the 2018 Farm Bill.

Judge Places Rx Ballot Question On Hold

May 21, 2018
Kealey Bultena / SDPB

A Hughes County Circuit Court judge is putting a ballot question on hold as an opposition group challenges the validity of gathered signatures.
South Dakotans Against The Deceptive Prescription Ballot Issue says the group backing Initiated Measure 26 used out-of-state petition circulators – making the signatures gathered invalid.
A circuit court judge will not allow Secretary of State Shantel Krebs to put Initiated Measure 26 on the November ballot, pending a hearing this summer

Workforce Is A Priority This Gubernatorial Election

May 17, 2018

As the third of the three major candidates for governor have released their economic initiative, one thing is clear -- they want to keep younger workers in the state, grow current business and attract new jobs.

Each plan for achieving those goals differ.

All three major gubernatorial candidates agree workforce development is a must, but they differ slightly in how to approach the issue.

Democratic candidate State Senator Billie Sutton says he’d like the state to encourage Career and Technical education grants for programs like one in his hometown.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 17, 2018 Show 339 Hour 1

This season's campaign ads offer sweeping landscapes of South Dakota, flannel-clad candidates, family dinners with a fiscal lesson, close-ups of cow manure, and ... don't forget ... endorsements.

SDPB's Kevin Woster has seen them all, and he has something to say about it. Find his blog here, On the Other Hand


In The Moment ... May 16, 2018 Show 338 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Noel Hamiel and J.J. Perry discuss the battle of the polling numbers, Marsy's Law, and how drugs are changing the state.

Hamiel is a former South Dakota legislator and newspaper publisher.  Perry is Executive Editor of the Aberdeen American News and Farm Forum.


In The Moment ... May 3, 2018 Show 329 Hour 1

As GOP candidates strive to distinguish themselves on the campaign trail, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton surveys the scene from a different perspective.

SDPB's Kevin Woster writes about Sutton this week on his blog "On the Other Hand." His weekly visit also includes other useful and entertaining digressions.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Early voting or absentee voting starts Friday for South Dakota’s primary and special elections.

Registered voters can vote early or absentee until June 4.

One west river county auditor says they’re expecting a higher than normal turnout.

Of the 68,000 registered voters in Pennington County, Auditor Julie Pearson says she’s expecting a 35 percent turnout. She says that’s high for a primary.

She says that’s mainly due to two issues up for vote in Rapid City that aren’t party based – the Marsy’s Law adjustment and the referral of a new arena at the civic center.

Daschle Forms Rural Progressive Policy Organization

Apr 17, 2018

Former South Dakota Democratic US Senator Tom Daschle is joining other prominent national democrats to form a group that advocates for progressive policies in rural state’s like South Dakota.

Daschle says they’re just in the beginning stage, but the group hopes to rebuild the two-party system in rural America.

Former Senator Daschle is working alongside former USDA Secretary and Governor Tom Vilsack and US Senator Mary Landrieu to organize rural progressives ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Libertarian Novotny Announces Gubernatorial Bid

Apr 9, 2018

Another libertarian candidate is announcing his bid for governor during the 2018 election.

Steve Novotny of Winner says he’s a lifelong Republican, who recently registered Independent.

He says corruption in South Dakota has gotten out of hand. Novotny says he’ll offer something the three major party candidates won’t…


The Secretary of State is rejecting an initiated constitutional amendment establishing an independent state legislative redistricting commission.

She’s siting lack of signatures for the rejection.

The sponsors hoping to create an independent redistricting commission came up about 2,500 signatures short to place the idea on the general election ballot.

A similar proposal, Constitutional Amendment T, was rejected by voters last year by 49-thousand votes.

It’s the first week of the new year, and visions of the campaign for South Dakota governor are taking shape.

Both primary candidates for the Republican nomination for governor appeared in Rapid City on Wednesday.

Both events give a glimpse into what’s ahead on the campaign trail…

Last year, 2018 candidate for South Dakota governor and current Attorney General Marty Jackley, called for a clean campaign pledge for his opponent, congresswoman Kristi Noem.

She declined.


Officials with the South Dakota Democratic Party say they’re close to having a candidate for each state legislative district

During the last election, 80 Democratic candidates ran for the 105 available seats in the state house.

Sam Parkinson is the Executive Director for the South Dakota Democratic party.

He says Democrats are getting energized to run, given the climate of national and state politics.

Deadline For Ballot Questions Is Today

Nov 6, 2017

Today is the deadline for submitting ballot question petitions. Those petitioners must submit their collected signatures by 5 p.m. central time.

Currently, 12 petitions are out for circulation. Sponsors are hoping to place their question on the November 2018 ballot.

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says her office will check a random sample of signatures


Officials with the South Dakota Democratic Party say they’re close to having a candidate for each state legislative district

During the last election, 80 Democratic candidates ran for the 105 available seats in the state house.

Sam Parkinson is the Executive Director for the South Dakota Democratic party.

He says Democrats are getting energized to run, given the climate of national and state politics.

Johnson Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

May 17, 2017
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

A candidate for South Dakota’s lone US House seat is kicking off his campaign with three stops in the state.

Former Public Utilities Commission head, and one-time chief-of-staff for Governor Dennis Daugaard, Dusty Johnson, says he wants to change the tone in Washington.

Johnson says the political rhetoric in the country does not lend itself to getting things done.

Johnson is poising himself to run an optimistic campaign for next year, leading up to the 2018 June primary.

He admits it’s a style that most candidates don’t take.

Rapid City Local Running For US House

Apr 17, 2017
Chris Martian Twitter

One democratic candidate is throwing his hat in the ring for a run at South Dakota’s lone US House seat in Congress.

Chris Martian is a Rapid City resident. He announced his candidacy last week.

Martian has never held public office. That fresh perspective to politics is why he says he’s qualified to hold the seat…


The group backing two marijuana related ballot questions says they’re concerned about the language of the Attorney General’s explanations.
The Attorney General is tasked with crafting ‘an objective, clear, and simple summary’ of a proposed amendment.
A lawyer assisting the group New Approach South Dakota in passing two ballot questions legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana says the language in Attorney General Marty Jackley’s summary is unnecessarily strong.