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In The Moment ... May 14, 2018 Show 336 Hour 1

A new film by Becca Flinn-White looks at the compelling story of a young woman determined to walk away from a South Dakota Hutterite colony in order to escape an undesirable marriage and get her education.

Becca Flinn-White is writer and director of the film "Hutterite." It screens Saturday, May 19,  during the Sioux Empire Film Festival in Sioux Falls.

In The Moment ... May 14, 2018 Show 336 Hour 1

Nearly half of the nation's youth report having experienced at least one traumatic event.

South Dakota First Lady Linda Daugaard recently participated in a national town hall on helping children who experience trauma. She took the stage to talk about efforts in the state to recruit foster parents and promote trauma-informed care. She also received a recognition award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for her work in the state.

Internships, Industry, and Keeping SD Grads Local

May 11, 2018
Lori Walsh

Education and workforce development are increasingly intertwined. About 60% of South Dakota graduates stay in the state after they finish their degree.   Partly to encourage that trend, Governor Dennis Daugaard has established partnerships between universities and industry. SDPB’s Jackie Hendry looks at two schools in western South Dakota: one setting the stage for a growing tech economy, and the other responding to community needs.


In The Moment ... May 11, 2018 Show 335 Hour 1

For centuries, immigrants and refugees have packed their chests and left their homelands, seeking a new life in America. A musical program that comes to Watertown this weekend offers a look at Norwegian immigrants who journeyed to the United States in the last half of the 1800s and early 1990s. It's called "Migrasong: The Tunes They Carried Across the Sea."

Reidun Horvei and Inger-Kristine Riber are the performers.


In The Moment ... May 11, 2018 Show 335 Hour 1

Visitors from around the world travel the highways and back roads of South Dakota. But not all of those visitors are tourists. Some travel the state making connections with South Dakotans in their field or industry, developing leadership skills, establishing a network for the exchange of ideas.

Mike Richardson is the executive director of the Dacotah Territory International Visitors Program. He joins us today along with two delegates currently visiting Sioux Falls from Kosovo: Adelina Maksuti and Betim Bresilla

Today we're bringing you special coverage from South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Our topic ... South Dakota: The Next Generation.

Coming up this hour, reports from SDPB's Lee Strubinger, Chynna Lockett, Gary Ellenbolt, and Nate Wek. We look at millennials running for office, community builders coming home to change the place they grew up. We bring you stories of creativity and initiative, lofty ideals and grass roots plans.

How do we create communities where our children grow up to live and innovate close to home?

We bring you a special In the Moment. We break down the numbers behind generational migration. We probe the outer reaches of the battle against Brain Drain. We ask the questions: Who are we and Who are we becoming?

This hour we meet educators and innovators, business leaders, policy makers, and advocates.

South Dakota The Next Generation

In The Moment ... May 9, 2018 Show 333 Hour 2

In The Moment ... May 9, 2018 Show 333 Hour 2

In The Moment ... May 9, 2018 Show 333 Hour 2

Welcome to the season of final exams and commencements as students across the state get ready to turn the tassel and figure out what's next in life.

But not all graduates are just beginning to stare into the chasm of adulthood. Some have been here for a while. Maybe you're thinking about continuing your own education.

Today we welcome Northern State University graduate Jim Kurkowski. He enrolled at the college in 1961. He graduated in 2018.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 9, 2018 Show 333 Hour 2

You can find Kevin Woster's blog On the Other Hand. And, sometimes, you can find him at the state Game, Fish & Parks meetings, where he's ready to share his thoughts on policy.


Motherhood Out Loud

May 8, 2018
Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 8, 2018 Show 332 Hour 2

The unpredictable ups and downs of motherhood, offered with a splash of laughter, tears, and maybe a little wine.

Sonja Niles, LaRae Morlan and Rachel Winters join us in SDPB's studio at the University of Sioux Falls to talk about Motherhood Out Loud, a sketch-comedy benefit for the Sioux Empire Community Theater.

The Livestock Conservancy

May 8, 2018

In The Moment ... May 8, 2018 Show 332 Hour 2

Can a farm animal go extinct? What's the role of heritage breeds in modern farming and ranching? How does genetic diversity of livestock preserve the history of our nation and the future of our food supply?

Ryan Walker and Brian Larson, representatives of The Livestock Conservancy, answer those questions.

"The Rider" Star Brady Jandreau

May 8, 2018

In The Moment ... May 8, 2018 Show 332 Hour 1

THE RIDER, set in South Dakota, follows a rising rodeo star whose tragic head injury during a saddle bronc ride knocks him off his path and has him questioning not only his future but his identity.

The movie stars Brady Jandreau. And though the story is fictionalized, THE RIDER largely follows Brady's life ... from the accident forward. It stars his real-life father as his character's father, and his sister plays herself as well.

In The Moment ... May 8, 2018 Show 332 Hour 1

As the world poises to hear from President Donald Trump about whether or not he will pull America out of the Iran nuclear accord, we broaden our view of the map by welcoming former U.S. Senator Larry Pressler to In the Moment.

His 2017 book Neighbours in Arms is part memoir, part history lesson, part sounding call for nuclear disarmament. The book takes readers behind the scenes during the years of the Pressler Amendment and the debate over what to do about Pakistan's quest for nuclear arms.

Deadwood History, Inc., Adams Museum Collection

In The Moment ... May 7, 2018 Show 331 Hour 2

For this week's Images of the Past, we turn the microphone over to SDPB's Brian Gevik as he explores the story of Black Hills pioneer Jack Hale.

Arc Of Dreams

May 7, 2018

In The Moment ... May 7, 2018 Show 331 Hour 2

Sioux Falls prepares to make a sculptural leap of faith. In order to climb into the sky, first you have to turn some dirt.

Today we discuss the Arc of Dreams. Jim Clark, and Paul Schiller join us.

Melanoma Monday

May 7, 2018

In The Moment ... May 7, 2018 Show 331 Hour 2

The sun is out, and so is the aloe vera. If your skin is feeling the effects of the May sunshine, it might be time to reconsider the notion of a "healthy glow."

Today is Melanoma Monday. We're talking tanning beds and cancer screenings.

Here's some statistics to get us started: Nearly 44% of high school junior girls and nearly 50% of high school senior girls currently use tanning beds in South Dakota (2013, YRBS)

In The Moment ... May 7, 2018 Show 331 Hour 1

As we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, we also take a look at the struggles of a tourism-based economy. Jennifer Sherman is Associate Professor of Sociology at Washington State University. Her research looks at the ways in which job loss, poverty, and economic strain affect families, particularly in rural U.S. communities.

She's author of the book Those who Work, Those who Don't: Poverty, Morality, and Family in Rural America.

Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... May 7, 2018 Show 331 Hour 1

This week marks National Travel and Tourism Week. What's the economic impact of all those families heading into the state?

Julie Schmitz Jensen is director of Visit Rapid City.

In The Moment ... May 7, 2018 Show 331 Hour 1

Get ready to drop a line in the lake. May 18 - 20, entrance into all South Dakota state parks and recreation areas is free, and many parks host special events to kick off the summer. It's also Free Fishing Weekend, where no fishing licenses are required.

You've got a little time to prepare. Joining us today is professional angler and fishing guide Mike Frisch. He's host of the television program Fishing the Midwest. (Saturdays at 11 a.m. on Fox Sports North.)

In The Moment ... May 4, 2018 Show 330 Hour 1

What do Americans believe about the arts? How can the arts flourish, educate, and unify? What makes individuals and communities engage?

This weekend is the 2018 South Dakota State Arts Conference. It's the first time the statewide arts conference comes to Sioux Falls.

In The Moment ... May 4, 2018 Show 330 Hour 1

The Black Hills Chamber Music Society closes their season Sunday, May 6th, with the Jasper String Quartet. The Philadelphia musicians are the Professional Quartet in Residence at Temple University's Center for Gifted Young Musicians. They've been awarded the CMA Cleveland Quartet Award, and their latest album, Unbound, was hailed by the New York Times as one of the 25 best classical recordings of 2017.

We're joined by founding violist Sam Quintal.

In The Moment ... May 3, 2018 Show 329 Hour 2

Tonight is the night for On Call with the Prairie Doc. Tune in at 7 CT / 6MT on SDPB TV.  Joining us now with a preview of the show is Dr. Richard Holm where today we talk about eye disease.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 3, 2018 Show 329 Hour 2

Musician Carl Banks is on a Spring Tour, and he plays at Total Drag Records in Sioux Falls tonight. But first he stops by the SDPB studios at the University of Sioux Falls for a Moment in Sound.

University of Kansas

In The Moment ... May 3, 2018 Show 329 Hour 2

May 5th has been designated National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls'.

A resolution by the U.S. Senate declares the day for the second year in a row, citing startling statistical evidence. In some tribal communities, women  face  murder  rates  that  are  more  than 10 times the national average.

Other reports indicate that 84.3% of Native women experience violence in their lifetimes; 56.1% are victims of sexual violence.


In The Moment ... May 3, 2018 Show 329 Hour 1

As GOP candidates strive to distinguish themselves on the campaign trail, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton surveys the scene from a different perspective.

SDPB's Kevin Woster writes about Sutton this week on his blog "On the Other Hand." His weekly visit also includes other useful and entertaining digressions.

Anti-Cancer Living

May 3, 2018

In The Moment ... May 3, 2018 Show 329 Hour 1

Can excess stress sabotage your healthy habits? How does a deep sense of well-being impact gene signaling in the human body?

A new book looks at the role of cancer in our lives in a new way. The authors say you can reduce your risk of getting cancer and improve your chance of surviving cancer by making six fundamental changes in your lifestyle.

The book is called Anti-Cancer Living: Transform Your Life and Health With the Mix of Six.


Project Recover

In The Moment ... May 2, 2018 Show 328 Hour 1

Lt. William Q. Purnell was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on May 2, 2018. He was killed in the line of duty on July 25, 1944. He was Missing in Action for 73 years.

Nearly 73,000 veterans of WWII are still listed as missing. Bringing Lt. Purnell home took 21st Century science, research, and technology. It also took the dedicated efforts of Project Recover.

submitted photo

In The Moment ... May 2, 2018 Show 328 Hour 2

Visitors to Sioux Falls will soon be able to stand beneath a giant reflective mushroom and figure out the best way to take a selfie.

It's time for the annual installation of Sculpture Walk. Fifty seven new sculpture are installed Saturday, May 5, from 6 to 10:30 a.m.

Jeff Hanson discusses the 15th anniversary installation.