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The Rapid City school district, like many other districts throughout the nation, has experienced multiple losses this school year. Since July, three students have taken their own lives.

The district has been been talking about the often taboo topic of suicide. Their second community meeting takes place Tuesday, November 14 at 6 p.m. at the Western Dakota Tech Events Center.

Joining us today from SDPB's Black Hills Bureau are
Katy Urban, Rapid City Area Schools Communications Manager, and Corey Harouff, Associate Regional Director, Black Hills Young Life.

In The Moment ... November 14, 2017 Show 219 Hour 2 

Dave Rambow is a wet plate photographer, historian, author, and actor/re-enactor. He joins us to talk about his upcoming presentation (Sunday, November 19, 2:00 p.m.) at the Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls, where he portrays a WWI German Soldier.

In The Moment ... November 14, 2017 Show 219 Hour 2 

Aaron Draplin is one of the premiere designers working today. He joins Hugh Weber, host of The Potluck Society, and In the Moment host Lori Walsh for a conversation about Midwestern work ethic, the democratization of design, and "getting away" with work that you love.

In The Moment ... November 14, 2017 Show 219 Hour 1 

A lifelong love of the sea helped a professional sign maker from Rapid City find his artistic inspiration.

"The Curious Art of Jerry Root" opens Friday, November 17 at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m.

We're joined by artist Jerry Root and his wife Laurie.

In conjunction with the opening reception of "The Curious Art of Jerry Root," you can also enjoy the first evening of Holiday Art Market at the Dahl Arts Center and an exhibit reception for "Unwrapped."

In The Moment ... November 14, 2017 Show 219 Hour 1 

"Loving Vincent" is the story of the death, and more importantly, the life, of artist Vincent van Gogh. It's the world's first oil painted film. More than 125 professional oil painters created 65,000 individually painted frames for animation. Nothing you see in the film is computer generated.

It plays at the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish this weekend, November 17 to 19. Cinema Falls brings it to the Washington Pavilion Belbas Theatre on Sunday, December 3.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2017 Show 218 Hour 1 

It's an award for people who get things done. Sanford Health has announced a million dollar prize for advances in global medical research.

We're joined by Micah Aberson, Sanford's chief global brand officer, for a conversation about seeking the mavericks and innovators in the healthcare space.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2017 Show 218 Hour 1 

Cheech Marin is known as an actor, director, author, and comedian. But he's also a collector of Chicano art. He joins Prairie Public's Ashley Thornberg for a conversation about advocacy for minority artists and the timeless nature of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2017 Show 218 Hour 1 

Jake Pettengill is head coach of the Sioux Falls Christian Chargers varsity football team, champions of Class 11B in South Dakota for 2017.  

The Chargers defeated  Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan 27-12 Friday to earn their first ever state football championship.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2017 Sh0w 218 Hour 2 

Avera Health recently partnered with the University of Sioux Falls to plan a poverty simulation for healthcare professionals. Paula Lubeck is a nursing simulation coordinator at Avera. Nick Schwedhelm is an accelerated nursing student at USF.

We talk empathy, professional development, and the realities many among us face on a daily basis.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2017 Show 218 Hour 2 

Paul Krueger joins us for a look a at Make-A-Wish South Dakota, as we talk about providing sick children in the state a chance to make their wishes come true.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2017 Show 218 Hour 2 

Gary Enright, director of the 1881 Courthouse Museum in Custer joins us for this week's Images of the Past. Today we learn the story of a teenage slave who came to Dakota Territory, found her freedom, and became one of the region's early entrepreneurs.

Maker Space For Kids

Nov 9, 2017

In The Moment ... November 9, 2017 Show 217 Hour 2 

A new maker space at the Children's Museum of South Dakota is designed for kids five and older. It's a place for kids to tinker and invent, think and create. We welcome Carrie Benson, Director of Education for the Children's Museum.

In The Moment ... November 9, 2017 Show 217 Hour 2

This week, we preview Dr. Holm's weekly television program on SDPB-TV with a conversation about dementia.

In The Moment ... November 9, 2017 Show 217 Hour 2 

The battle over alcohol sales in Whiteclay, Neb., has been going on for decades. Whiteclay's four beer stores were shut down in May by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. Business owners lost their appeal in September.

SDPB's Michael Zimny went looking for different perspectives for a digital feature called "Post Whiteclay."  Michael Zimny joins us from SDPB's Black Hills Bureau for a preview.

In The Moment ... November 9, 2017 Show 217 Hour 2 

Musician Brendan Gayken joins SDPB's Steve Zwemke to talk about the band Lemmons and their 2017 release "American Television." Gayken plays bass for Lemmons, but he's also an intern at SDPB. We talk about the South Dakota Music scene, experimental and indie music, and artistic collaboration.

In The Moment ... November 9, 2017 Show 217 Hour 1 

Stephen Jackson, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Sioux Falls joins us for a conversation about America's most sung-about founding father and what his legacy means for liberal arts education in America.

In The Moment ... November 9, 2017 Show 217 Hour 1 

Ken Delfino offers a presentation about overseas American Military Cemeteries on November 11 at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum near Rapid City.

He joins us today for a look at his travels and about the "Honor Their Memory" project.

In The Moment ... November 8, 2017 Show 216 Hour 2 

Dakota Political Junkies Denise Ross and Dana Ferguson join us for a look at the state's top political headlines. Today we discuss early signs of what's in store for the 2018 South Dakota ballot and how national news of Democrat victories may (or may not) impact South Dakota.

In The Moment ... November 8, 2017 Show 216 Hour 2 

SDPB-TV brings you all seven South Dakota High School Football State Championship games. Watch live on SDPB1-TV and online at

Joining us for a preview, SDPB's Steve Thum and KWSN Radio's Craig Mattick.

In the Moment ... November 8, 2017 Show 216 Hour 2 

SDPB's Nate Wek joins us for a look at upcoming Tales of the Gridiron features. Today we talk about twin Bulldogs, the role of football in South Dakota family life, and how one community turned a golf course into a practice field for their football team.

Find Tales of the Gridiron on the SDPB Sports blog and Facebook page.

In The Moment ... November 8, 2017 Show 216 Hour 1 

In October of 1993, Sgt Michael Goodale fought in and survived the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia. It was a bloody and brutal event that was fictionalized in the movie "Black Hawk Down."

Mike Goodale is a former Army Ranger and Purple Heart recipient. He visits Brookings tonight as part of SDSU's Warrior Week event at the South Dakota Art Museum.

NOVA Killer Floods

Nov 8, 2017

In The Moment ... November 8, 2017 Show 216 Hour 1

Scientists search for evidence of cataclysmic weather events in order to understand our geography and predict what we might experience in the future.

Tonight on SDPB-TV  at 8 p.m. Central, 7 Mountain, you can watch NOVA's Killer Floods. NOVA producer Chris Schmidt explains the science behind the episode and how NOVA gathers scientists to tell the story.


In The Moment ... November 7, 2017 Show 215 Hour 2 

Hugh Weber joins us to talk about the upcoming Potluck Society LIVE event on December 1, 2017.

We meet creative producer Brad Montague and learn about the force behind "Kid President" as we talk about community, kindness, and remembering "why you do the work that you do in the first place."

Click here to order tickets.

In The Moment ... November 7, 2017 Show 215 Hour 1 

Organizations in Brookings collaborate for Cultural Appreciation Day today, where hundreds of school children explore their own culture as well as cultures outside of their own. We're joined by Nathan Ziegler, Director of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Access at South Dakota State University.

In The Moment ... November 7, 2017 Show 215 Hour 2 

Tim Bjorkman is a 5th generation South Dakotan who says running for Congress wasn't on his radar until recently.

​Bjorkman graduated from Kimball High School and USD. He served as a lawyer in the state for more than 20 years.

In 2006, he was elected as a judge of the First Judicial Circuit for South Dakota. He was re-elected without opposition in 2014, where he served until leaving the bench in June 2017.

신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin is the editor of the best-selling anthology "A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota" and author of the poetry collection "Unbearable Splendor." The book was a finalist for the 2017 PEN USA Literary Award for Poetry and winner of the 2016 Minnesota Book Award for poetry.

She visits Augustana University tonight. But first she talks with In the Moment host Lori Walsh about poetry, identity, and helping emerging authors find their voices.

Link and author visit details:

Officials with the South Dakota Democratic Party say they’re close to having a candidate for each state legislative district

During the last election, 80 Democratic candidates ran for the 105 available seats in the state house.

Sam Parkinson is the Executive Director for the South Dakota Democratic party.

He says Democrats are getting energized to run, given the climate of national and state politics.

In The Moment ... Economic Outlook Seminar

Nov 6, 2017
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce

In The Moment ... November 6, 2017 Show 214 Hour 2

Ernie Goss, MacAllister Chair and Professor of Economics at Creighton University in Omaha is the keynote speaker at an Economic Outlook Seminar presented by the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce on November 7 at The Country Club of Sioux Falls.  Goss and South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry president David Owen discuss important aspects of the regional economy and current economic indicators.

In The Moment ... Images Of The Past / Big Bend Dam

Nov 6, 2017
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

In The Moment ... November 6, 2017 Show 214 Hour 2

This week's Images of the Past feature focuses on a film that shows the different stages of construction of the Big Bend Dam on the Missouri River near Ft. Thompson. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began construction in 1959.  The dam project was completed in 1966.

SDPB's Brian Gevik speaks with Rick Clark, superintendent of the Missouri National Recreational River in Yankton about the challenging aspects of trying to manage a major river system.

In The Moment ... Chasing Trane

Nov 6, 2017

In The Moment ... November 6, 2017 Show 214 Hour 2

John Coltrane is one of the most important figures in jazz history.  The saxophonist first gained fame as a member of the Miles Davis Quintet.  He spent the next decade challenging himself and pushing the boundaries of music before his death in 1967.

The writer and director of Chasing Trane joined Karl Gehrke, host of SDPB Radio's Jazz Nightly to discuss the film which airs Monday, November 6 at 9:30 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV.  It kicks off a new season of the PBS Series Independent Lens.