In the Moment: Innovation

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SDPB Radio News Director Cara Hetland hosts this program which explores the cutting edge products and services being offered by South Dakotans. Airs on alternating Fridays.

Figuring out the New Technology

Oct 12, 2012

School district leaders don't have an easy task when trying to implement new technologies to benefit student learning. They have to figure out which technologies work best at which grade levels, in which subjects - and with which teachers. That's why one South Dakota school district designates some of its money to a grant program where teachers take on the challenge of enhancing education in their own classrooms.

Individualized Technology in the Classroom

Oct 12, 2012

Jordan Braa from the Lennox School District and Chris Martin from the Harrisburg School District are incorporating more individualized technology into classrooms. Some, like Harrisburg, use iPads or iPods for specific lessons. Others are putting laptops in the hands of each student. That's something Lennox is offering their high schoolers this year.

Ross Chapin

Sep 17, 2012

Ross Chapin talks about his program  Pocket Neighborhoods.   Ross Chapin is an internationally acclaimed architect, land planner and author from Whidbey Island, north of Seattle.  He has designed dozens of neighborhood plans across the US and Canada.  He is also the author of the book Pocket Neighborhoods:  Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World.   

Brooke Orcutt is a Plain Green Conference committee member.  She discusses the conference and projects throughout the year.

Lisa Taylor  talks about her program City Farming For Everyone!  Lisa Taylor is the author of Your Farm in the City:  An Urban Dweller’s Guide to Growing Food and Raising Animals.  She lives in Shoreline, Washington and spends most of her days growing and eating plants with children.  She is the Children’s Education Program Manager for Seattle Tilth. 

Matthew Hein

Sep 17, 2012

Matthew Hein discusses Energy Audits:  How to Capitalize on Their Value.  Matt Hein is an Energy Engineer and analyzes energy systems.