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Coming up Thursday, November 15 "Before It Gets Better"

Hour One

SDPB's Lee Strubinger reports on the state legislative task force that is currently studying access to mental health services.

Dr. Stephen Manlove, Manlove Psychaitric Group, Rapid City, and Amber Reints, Certified Nurse Practitioner with Avera Behavioral Health Services.

SDPB's Jackie Hendry reports on how data harnessing is being used to provide insight into suicide prevention.

SDPB's Cara Hetland reports on a USD Center for Brain and Behavioral Research study looking at PTSD, genetics, and a possible link to gut microbes.

Hour Two

Aaron Morlock, a Spearfish man, tells his own story of crisis and healing.

SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt reports on how law enforcement officers are trained to respond to mental health crises.

SDPB's Chynna Lockett reports on The Front Porch Coaltion's efforts to reach those in need before it's too late.

Pastor Christy Hallenbeck Ask talks about the BeFriender Ministry and how laypeople are trained to support one another in times of need.

In The Moment ... November 16, 2018 Show 462 Hour 1

American Roots explores the music of Dvořák, Ives, and Gershwin as the performance features elements of classical music that are distinctly American.

South Dakota Symphony Orchestra Music Director and conductor Delta David Gier stopped by the SDPB Sioux Falls studio along with Joseph Horowitz to discuss the new Music Unwound program.

The Garage Hosts John Mark Nelson

9 hours ago

In The Moment ... November 16, 2018 Show 462 Hour 1

When John Mark Nelson recorded Four Days Away he did it over four days at a turn of the century dairy barn in rural Wisconsin. The project turned out beautifuly.

Nelson, who plays at The Garage in Rapid City Saturday night, has new material in the offing.

Always interesting, Nelson visited about his music with In The Moment host Lori Walsh.

We hear a Spearfish man's story of crisis and recovery.

SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt and Chynna Lockett report on efforts to train professionals and volunteers in responding to people in crisis.

Plus, we talk with Rev. Christy Hallenbeck Ask about the BeFriender Ministry and efforts within faith communities to develop lay ministry skills.

When people are sad, lonely, stressed, or even facing a full-scale mental health crisis, they are often told "It Gets Better." In a state with limited access to mental health resources, what do we do Before It Gets Better?

This hour we welcome reports from SDPB's Lee Strubinger, Jackie Hendry, and Cara Hetland.

We also welcome insight from Dr. Stephen Manlove, Manlove Psychaitric Group, Rapid City, and Amber Reints, a psyciatric mental health nurse practitioner.

Adria Botella

Pastor Christy Hallenbeck Ask joins the program to talk about a new training resource for faith congregations called BeFriender Ministry, as we look at ways South Dakotans are reaching out to one another.

When you are in the middle of a mental health crisis, you don't have months to wait for help. Sometimes you don't even have hours. Aaron Morlock shares his story of seeking emergency help, being placed in handcuffs for transport to the hospital, and eventually finding the assistance he needed to live a healthy, asymptomatic life. 


In The Moment ... November 14, 2018 Show 460 Hour 1

SDPB's Nate Wek is with us once again and today we talk high school volleyball. Mount Vernon/Plankinton coach Darcy Deinert gets her 400th win and the state tournament is about to begin.

2018 Bush Prize Winners

Nov 14, 2018
Bush Foundation

In The Moment ... November 14, 2018 Show 460 Hour 1 

The Bush Prize celebrates organizations that are extraordinary not only in what they do but in how they do it.

We are joined by Erika Carter, Communications Director of the Bush Foundation.

Along with two representatives of the winning companies: Charon Asetoyer, the head of the Native American Community Board, and Ted Parsons, Board Member at Capital Area Counseling Service (CASCS).

Dakota Political Junkies: Transition In Pierre

Nov 14, 2018

In The Moment ... November 14, 2018 Show 460 Hour 2

Governor-elect Kristi Noem's transition team, new Republican leadership in Pierre and a remembrance of former lawmaker Roger Hunt highlight this week's Dakota Political Junkies conversation.

Former State Representative and South Dakota Newspaper Hall of Famer Noel Hamiel joins Northern State University Professor of Political Science Jon Schaff.

Kevin Cole Writes "Loving Arms"

Nov 14, 2018
Adria Botella

In The Moment ... November 14, 2018 Show 460 Hour 1

Three strangers meet in a world-famous American art museum. They become friends while discussing art. Then, an American shooter joins the conversation.

"Loving Arms" is a new play written by Kevin Cole, Professor of English at the University of Sioux Falls.

Attend a staged reading of "Loving Arms" Thursday night at 7:30 at the Full Circle Book Co-Op in Sioux Falls.

1881 Courthouse Museum

In The Moment ... November 14, 2018 Show 460 Hour 2

Images of Native Americans have been on currency for years. Gary Enright is the director of the 1881 Courthouse Museum in Custer. Today he taks about this rich history.

As healthcare professionals bring more focus to mental health treatment, one effort is  to prevent suicide.  The best way to  know what works and what doesn’t:  data and research.

In 2015, Avera Health began a Zero Suicide initiative to collect patient data and track the effectiveness of depression screening and treatment. But there were a pieces of data that Avera couldn’t access...until now. A new partnership with the South Dakota Department of Health is filling in data gaps to  help  prevent future suicides.

Lee Strubinger

We talk buffalo, grasslands, and regenerative agriculture with Dan O'Brien, founder of South Dakota's Wild Idea Buffalo, and Yvon Chinourd, founder of the Patagonia company.

Adria Botella

The Sioux Falls Design Center is not just for designers. It's for community memberrs to connect and engage with the world of design. We're joined by Kellen Boice, executive director at the Sioux Falls Design Center, and Sara Lum, architect and vice president of the Sioux Falls Design Center.

submitted photo

"Seeing Dakota: Collisions and Confluences" is a collaboration of artist Shelia Agee and writer and theologian Ann Pederson.

The exhibit runs from Thursday, November 15 through Thursday, December 13. A gallery reception is set for 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, November 16, featuring an artist's talk at 7:30 p.m.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2018 Show 459 Hour 1

Bill Markley co-authored Old West Showdown with Kellen Cutsforth. This book takes a look at some people and events that took place in the American West.

Tonight at 7, Bill will discuss this at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

In The Moment ... November 13, 2018 Show 459 Hour 1

Meghan O'Gieblyn's newly released collection of essays is called Interior States. It explores O'Gieblyn's upbringing in an evangelical family, her life in a Midwestern town, and her viewpoint from the middle of what some people refer to as "flyover country."

The AME Allen Chapel in Yankton hosts the author Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, Zandbroz Variety in Sioux Falls is hosting O'Gieblyn at 7:00 p.m.

Solidarity On The 80th Anniversary Of Kristallnacht

Nov 9, 2018
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... November 9, 2018 Show 458 Hour 1

On the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, or "The Night of Broken Glass," several Lutheran Bishops have issued a statement of solidarity to the Jewish Community.

Reverend David Zellmer, Bishop of the Evangelical Church in America's South Dakota Synod, explains the statement and continuing efforts of support of the Jewish Community after 14 people were killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Moment In Sound With John Statz

Nov 9, 2018
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... November 9, 2018 Show 458 Hour 1

Relationships, travel, soul-searchinig ... they're the subjects that can turn into great songs. They're the subjects that Denver-based singer/songwriter John Statz incorporates into his not-to-be-pigeonholed, but relateable folk/rock/country/Americana music.

Statz plays for the Madison Area Arts Council Friday at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, the road takes him to Miner Brewing Company in Hill City where he takes the stage at 7:00 p.m.

Prate To Keynote South Dakota Hunger Summit

Nov 9, 2018
Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

In The Moment ... November 9, 2018 Show 458 Hour 1

People's right to healthy and sustainable food is the focus of the South Dakota Hunger Summit in Mitchell on Tuesday.

Michael Prate, the keynote speaker, is the food sovereignty coordinator with Rosebud Economic Development Corporation. He discusses food security and projects at Rosebud.

In The Moment ... November 8, 2018 Show 457 Hour 2

The Great War of 1914-1918 came to an end 100 years ago this Sunday, November 11. Augustana University professors Patrick Hicks and Margaret Preston join us for a look at how this war helped shape the 20th Century.

Learn more about South Dakota's role in WWI with "From the Great War to the Great Plains" on SDPB.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... November 8, 2018 Show 457 Hour 1

Kevin Woster writes about the 2018 Gubernatorial campaign in his latest blog On The Other Hand.

Pressler Says "Be The Change"

Nov 8, 2018
Larry Pressler

In The Moment ... November 8, 2018 Show 457 Hour 1

"Be The Change: Senator Pressler on Political Participation" is the title of a forum held Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at the University of South Dakota.

Pressler is on campus to visit with students and share advice on how younger people can run for office in a world where political campaigns soar into the tens-of millions.

Morning Fill Up: Janet Kittams

Nov 8, 2018
Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... November 8, 2018 Show 457 Hour 2

Next week, South Dakota Public Broadcasting is offering an in-depth look at mental health services through a feature called "Before It Gets Better."

Janet Kittams was the special guest of the Numad Group's Morning Fill Up at The Garage in Rapid City Thursday. Kittams is president of the Helpline Center in Sioux Falls, the state's largest suicide prevention effort.

Hear the full Moning Fill Up interview on the link below.

In The Moment ... November 8, 2018 Show 457 Hour 2

A presentation tomorrow in Sioux Falls deals with living out your faith along the border. Kari Lenander is the executive director of Border Servant Corps in Las Cruces New Mexico. She joins us today to tell us more about the organization.

The presentation is at noon on Friday November 9, 2018 at Killarney Crossing Community Room at 4313 W. 58th Street, Sioux Falls


In The Moment ... November 8, 2018 Show 457 Hour 2

Vascular disease is the 15th leading cause of death in the United States. Dr. Richard Holm is known as "The Prairie Doc." He joins us today with insight on this disease.

Adria Botella

In the Moment brings you special post-election coverage with insight from SDPB's reporters, analysis from politial scientiests and the Dakota Political Junkies, and thoughts on lessons learned from state legislative and state party leaders.

SDPB's Lee Strubinger and Jackie Hendry recap Election Night in South Dakota.

Black Hills State University's Pam Carriveau discusses the statewide bollot questions and how South Dakotans spoke on citizen democracy.

Adria Botella

Voters head to the polls today across the nation. In South Dakota nonpartisan organizations as well as political parties are joined in an effort to get out the vote.

To talk about these efforts we're joined by:

Dave Roetman, Finance Director, SD Republican Party

Sam Parkinson, Executive Director, SD Democratic Party
James Colombe, Tribal Organizing Director, SD Democratic Party

Libby Skarin, ACLU of South Dakota Policy Director

The ACLU of South Dakota's Election Day hotline is: 605-368-0644.

Dome Bound!

Nov 6, 2018

In The Moment ... November 6, 2018 Show 455 Hour 1

Football fans from across South Dakota will fill the DakotaDome in Vermillion for the 2018 South Dakota High School Football Championships beginning Thursday.

SDPB's Steve Thum and Nate Wek preview the championship game for all seven classes.

Fans can also check out the action on SDPB-TV or at

FRONTLINE "Last B-24" Premieres Wednesday

Nov 6, 2018

In The Moment ... November 6, 2018 Show 455 Hour 2

Seventy-four years ago, an American B-24 Liberator known as the "Tulsamerican" fell from the sky while returning from a mission over Europe. It eventually sank into the Adriatic Sea. Seven crew members survived the crash. Three men were never found.

NOVA writer Owen Palmquist describes the effort to find out what happened to the missing airmen as he previews "Last B-24." It premieres Wednesday night at 8:00 Central on SDPB-TV.