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The Black Hills Film Festival runs from May 4 – 7 in Rapid City, Hill City, and Hot Springs. The film “Prophet’s Prey” kicks off the festival Wednesday night at 7 p.m. at the Elks Theater in Rapid.

Author and private investigator Sam Brower joins Dakota Midday to discuss the film and the “pedophile prophet” Warren Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints.

South Dakota Hall of Fame (2015) inductee Rob Mudge joins Dakota Midday to discuss cultivating a culture of excellence.

Mudge is CEO of RPM & Associates. The manufacturing company was started in the basement of Rob and (his wife) Deb’s home and now has a global reach. We’ll talk about building a culture of excellence, the definition of integrity, and what South Dakota businesses can offer the world.

POINT TAKEN is PBS’ new late-night series hosted by Emmy-winning journalist and CEO of OZY Media, Carlos Watson.  The series launched on April 5th and new episodes premiere on Tuesday nights.  A lively, weekly, multiplatform dialogue and debate series with humor, the series features 4 panelists each show and incorporates audience input, independent polling & social media elements.

Maddie Lukomski and Libby Murphy are award-winning high school poets who triumphed in South Dakota’s Poetry Out Loud competition.

The national finals are May 3-4. Lukomski is on her way to Washington DC to represent South Dakota as state champion. Murphy is one of the state winners in the original poetry competition. The two discuss the value of committing verse to memory, the opportunities for young poets to find careers, and why you should always move your notebook to another room when you have the stomach flu.

Jay Smith and Ronette Rumpca join Midday to discuss the upcoming South Dakota State Historical Society's conference on South Dakota’s Food Heritage. It’s a conversation about regional food traditions, from local wild catches and immigrant dishes, to diners and drive-ins across the state.

Plus, Rumpca and Midday host Lori Walsh wax nostalgic about their grandmother's cooking.

Author Jerry Wilson joins Dakota Midday to talk about his new novel "Across the Cimmaron."

Wilson brings depth, thought and social consciousness to historical fiction in this story of the Land Run into Oklahoma Territory.

He talks with Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh about writing, about memory, and about  the complicated relationship humans have with the earth.

South Dakota Magazine managing editor John Andrews stops by Dakota Midday to talk about the latest issue. From creating an ethic of thoughtfulness to gathering the Spiritual Places of South Dakota, Andrews gives listeners (and readers) an editing room glimpse into the inner workings at South Dakota's premiere magazine.

The Hope & Healing Conference is in Chamberlain on Saturday April 30. Twyla Steinberger joins Midday to discuss bereavement and recuperation after the suicide of a loved one.

Suicide prevention and grief resources can be sparse in South Dakota. Many survivors do not have the opportunity to talk with others with similar circumstances. The conference brings survivors together for accurate information about suicide, grief, and connection.

Traveling across the state comes with perils and rewards. On today's Images of the Past, we glimpse inside the diary of Anna Gerard, who wrote about her unglamorous stagecoach ride to Deadwood in August of 1878.

Archivist Jessica Michak tells the story of lost hairpins, wine, and a journey best appreciated when it was finally over.

US Representative Krisit Noem joins Dakota Midday for an extended conversation about leadership, connection, and the role of impatience in Washington.

Congresswoman Noem and Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh discuss the importance of a personal vision statement, the trials of military sexual trauma, and how coming home to South Dakota serves as antidote to both urban strain and inside-the-Beltway complacency.

Dakota Political Junkies Seth Tupper and Denise Ross join us for a rundown of the state’s political stories of the week. This week we focus on the presidential race through the lens of South Dakota politics. From the potential candidate visits to the state, to how George McGovern might cast his vote, the Junkies offer intelligent insight into the topics of the week.

Seth Tupper is a Rapid City Journal enterprise reporter. Denise Ross is an editor at Black Hills Knowledge Network / South Dakota Dashboard.

Author Jim Reese’s poetry collection “Really Happy” is the second feature of the 2016 Dakota Midday Book Club.

Reese joins Midday to discuss how poetry has informed his role as father, the use of poetry in federal prison, and the importance of truth and second chances.

If you are a member of the Dakota Midday Book Club, our next  book will arrive in your mailbox before long. It's called "Worthy" by Denice Turner.

The 2016 Dakota Midday Book Club kicks off with "Downstream: Reflections on Brook Trout, Fly Fishing, and the Waters of Appalachia."

Author David O'Hara joins Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to discuss an ethic and philosophy of living in the natural world.

If you are a member of the Dakota Midday Book Club, our next  book will arrive in your mailbox before long. It's called "Really Happy" by Jim Reese.

Redlin Art Center

Terry Redlin, a renowned South Dakota artist, died on Sunday night at age 78.   Redlin retired from painting nine years ago. He died in a Watertown care center after a long-term battle with dementia.

Redlin is known for his oil paintings of wildlife and outdoor scenes. The Redlin Art Center in Watertown features his original work. 

Julie Ranum is the Executive Director of the Redlin Art Center. She says Redlin became an artist thanks to a college scholarship.   

Dr. Ahrar Ahmad, professor emeritus at Black Hills State University, talks about "Islam's Troubled Image" prior to his lecture at BHSU Rapid City. The conversation includes the origins of several misperceptions regarding Islam, the "awkward relationship" between Islamic countries and Western nations, optimism for the future, and steps the faithful can take to reclaim the soul of Islam in their lives and in the world.

Wayne Pananen joins Dakota Midday for a glimpse into the storied history of Belle Fourche. From the wrangled origins of rail service to the first successful tourism event in South Dakota, Belle Fourche has more than one story to offer.

John Miller taught US history at South Dakota State University for 29 years. He is currently working on a political biography of George McGovern.

He joins Dakota Midday to discuss the Dakota Conference on Northern Plains History, Literature, Art and Archaeology at the Center for Western Studies in Sioux Falls. The theme for this year’s conference is “World War II Comes to the Northern Plains.”

Dana Ferguson is a watchdog state government and political reporter with Argus Leader Media. Kevin Woster is a reporter for KELO-TV, Rapid City Bureau.

Together they represent this week's Dakota Political Junkies and talk with Midday host Lori Walsh about the week's political headlines.

Today's topics include accusations about Flandreu's tribal marijuana crop and memories of the plane crash that shook the state 23 years ago this week.

When some kids were playing catch with their dads, Shonn Wiley was sharing dance moves with his. He now performs with Under the Streetlamp, singing and dancing to classic hits from the American Radio Songbook. An actor, dancer, and choreographer, Wiley joins Dakota Midday to discuss the chemistry of the group, the legacy of the Rat Pack and others, and the value of arts education.

Holistic health practitioners Jill Johnson and Veronika Ludewig discuss the evolution of  holistic health in South Dakota. Their 7th Annual Sioux Falls Holistic Health and Spirituality Fair is this weekend at the Holiday Inn City Centre in Sioux Falls.

The two talk with Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh about energy healing, yoga, and how to be an informed consumer of wellness services in the state.

Can South Dakota have a healthy tourism season if the forest appears unhealthy to visitors?

Dr. Ignatious Cahyanto joins Dakota Midday to discuss the latest research on the impact of the pine beetle infestation on the tourism business in South Dakota.

Dr. Cahyanto is assistant professor of tourism and hospitality at Black Hills State University.

Siouxland Heritage Museums Director Bill Hoskins tells the story of the Drake Polishing Works, one of the earliest businesses in Sioux Falls.

Images of the Past tells the stories of South Dakota in photos, video, and words.

FRONTLINE brings you "Children of Syria" tonight on South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

Filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen talks with Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh about telling the truth and making art amidst the rubble and hope of the human experience.

Olivier Demers is a founding member of Le Vent du Nord, a progressive folk band out of Québec. The group is in residence this week in Brookings, for Arts Midwest World Fest. 

Demers talks with Dakota Midday host about traditional music, the culture of Québec,  and how the referendum to claim sovereignty for Québec changed the course of his musical life.

Jill Cohn plays Rapid City tonight, but first she stops by Dakota Midday. Cohn's most recent album is called "Heartstrings Touching Ground." She plays live from the SDPB studios in Rapid City and talks with host Lori Walsh about everything from finding confidence as a singer to the nuances of telling the truth through song in the midst of a culture of social censorship.

As journalists, writers, photographers, composers and poets await the announcement of the 2016 Pulitzer Prizes, Randell Beck joins Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to discuss the Pulitzer process.

From how the selections are made to the impact the announcement has on the cultural conversation, Beck provides behind-the-scenes insight into arguably the most significant award in American journalism, arts & letters, and more.

Jim Brickman joins Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to talk about songwriting, creativity, and how getting older helps free him from the weight of judgment.

Jim Brickman's signature style on the piano has garnered two Grammy nods, four Gold albums, and 30 chartered adult radio hits.

He plays three shows this weekend in Sioux Falls at the Belbas Theater, Washington Pavilion.

Mark O'Connor is a composer, fiddler, teacher, and innovator. He joins Dakota Midday to talk about American classical music, the art of improvisation, and how to raise the next generation of American performers/composers.

Sarah Deer is a MacArthur Fellow, a legal scholar, and an author. She discusses her 2015 book "The Beginning and End of Rape: Confronting Sexual Violence in Native America" with Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh.