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Democratic National Convention

The Dakota Political Junkies are back on Dakota Midday to talk about the week in politics. Kevin Woster is with the KELO-TV Rapid City Bureau and Jon Hunter is the publisher of the Madison Daily Leader.

They discuss everything from a possible meth epidemic in South Dakota to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Paula Hawks

The Democratic National Convention is taking place this week in Philadelphia. The convention is attended by South Dakota delegates including State Representative Paula Hawks.

Hawks joins Dakota Midday to discuss the convention so far and where the party stands in South Dakota and as a whole.

Civility Experts Worldwide

Does it ever seem like people have a different mentality online? An expert says being civil online is just as important as being civil face to face.

Lew Bayer is CEO of the multicultural training group Civility Experts Worldwide. She joins Dakota Midday to talk about social media manners and how people treat each other online.

Charles Michael Ray

The Off-Broadway Women's Project Theater is the  oldest and largest theater company that promotes women artists in the US. In business since 1978, the organization celebrates and incubates projects by theater artists who might never otherwise be heard.

Lisa McNulty is in her second year as producing artistic director for the theater. She joins Dakota Midday to talk about the industry and about how women should resist waiting for permission before producing their own creative work.

Veteran Benefits Administration

The Veterans Benefits Administration provides veterans with compensation and vocational rehabilitation. The Dakotas Regional Office covers more than 154,000 veterans and their families in South Dakota, North Dakota and parts of Minnesota.

Shawn Bohn was appointed as director of this office earlier in the year. He joins Dakota Midday to talk about trends in compensation and what VA is doing to reach veterans and respond to their needs.


Deb Brown and Becky McCray join Dakota Midday to discuss SaveYour.Town, a rural resource organization design to support innovation, leadership, and connection in rural America.

From upcoming webinars, to the power of Brain Gain, the popular bloggers discuss how small towns are thriving.

Dakota Resources

Last week the Rural Experience (X) Summit took place in Aberdeen. The gathering was meant to bring together ideas about improving rural South Dakota.

Beth Davis is the president of Dakota Resources, the organization that hosted the Rural X Summit. She talks about what people took away from the summit and possible solutions to rural problems.

The study of sustainability is much more than recycling. According to Dr. Sandra Marker, the study focuses on problem solving in a complex world.

A new online master's program at Black Hills State University is the first of its kind in the western United States. Marker, the program's coordinator, joins Midday to talk about the new degree program, growth in sustainability careers, and the wide array of interested students.

Kenzie Wagner

Architects are closing their slideshows to study hands-on innovation and collaboration in the Black Hills area. Design in the Hills is a conference of architecture professionals largely held outdoors. We’re joined by three architects to discuss the unique elements of design in the Black Hills spaces and the nature of the design professions in South Dakota. They also talk about exciting new projects in engineering, sculpture and design.

Siouxland Heritage Museums

A historic home holds a past full of architectural surprises and stories. Kevin Ganz of Siouxland Heritage Museums in Sioux Falls discusses a chance for South Dakotans to experience some of the community's rich history during the 2016 Historic Homes Tour. Tour attendees will visit three historic homes in the Cathedral district of Sioux Falls. Ganz also mentions some interesting historic details and styles to expect on Thursday's tour.

Vivian Fullerlove

The roar of the crowd and adrenaline rush from flipping on two wheels is a familiar setting for live action sports athlete James Carter.  Carter grew up in Rapid City, dreaming of becoming a professional motocross athlete. He stops by Midday to discuss the lessons he has learned throughout his career, including staying focus, finding a positive mindset through accidents and tragedy, and interacting with fans of all ages.

Dakota Midday's Lori Walsh sat down with Sioux Falls Air Show coordinator Rick Tupper and Augustana professor Patrick Hicks to talk about the powerful history of aircraft. From heavier topics of World War II aircraft to a lighter mood of the annual hangar 1940's swing dance, the Joe Foss squadron aims to maintain the intergrity of traditional warbirds. The guests also stress the opportunity to appreciate military history and the accomplishments of veterans.

Denise Ross from the Black Hills Knowledge Network and Seth Tupper from the Rapid City Journal lend their voices to the weekly Midday segment Dakota Political Junkies. Some topics of discussion include the memorable face palm from one South Dakotan, the GOP's platform, figures missing at the GOP national convention, and agriculture's role in the race for the U.S. House of Representatives between Kristi Noem and Paula Hawks.

Ryan Budmayr, executive director of the South Dakota Republican Party, is at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and he joins Midday to share some insider details. He describes the event as both high-energy and genuine. He also mentions controversy over the GOP's platform, South Dakota's reaction to a Trump nomination, and memorable speakers at the convention.

Candy may feel like a sinful pleasure, but its past is not so sweet. Sarah Benjamin spent time with Dakota Midday to talk about the history of candy, including cane sugar's role in enslavement, candy's medicinal origins, and the evolution of marketing innovations. She also reveals her preferred treat and what "historic candy" really is.

Meth, according to Sgt. Dale McCabe, is a drug without barriers. McCabe has worked with the Rapid City Police Department since 1990, overseeing all violent crime cases the past eight years. Rapid City has seen a record number of homicide and violent crime cases in 2015, directly connected with increased illegal drug use. McCabe joined Dakota Midday to discuss meth, criminal justice reform, and how to the cycle of meth addiction and crime through deterrence, education and prevention.

Dakota Midday's Book Nerds Lori Walsh and Jacqueline Palfy Klemond sat down for a chat about the highlights of this summer's book releases. The Book Nerds also feature some listeners' current favorites.

Klemond is an editor for the Argus Leader alongside leading the  Argus Leader Life Book Club. She discusses how to continue a successful book club long term and summer reading trends.

Numad Group

Bush Foundation Board Chair Pam Moret has plenty of experience in both leadership and philanthropic efforts. She has led two Fortune 500 companies and has served on numerous nonprofit boards to maintain an active role in her community.

Ellen McGirt is an award winning long-form journalist who also covers race, culture and leadership for Fortune. Her reporting has taken her inside the C-Suites of Facebook, Nike, Twitter, Intel, and Cisco; to the campaign trail with Barack Obama; to Lagos, Nigeria in search of tech entrepreneurs.

Hugh Weber is the founder and CEO of OTA, an organization focused on sparking regional transformation through creative connections in Minnesota and the Dakotas. Weber is presenting at the 33rd annual South Dakota Governor's Camp for the Gifted and at the RuralX Summit. In his interview during Dakota Midday, Weber stresses the importance of balancing high values of working, playing and doing good.

Lawn Care Academy

Dakota Midday continues its gardening conversations with Julie Hoffman from East River Nursery. She answers viewer questions about their gardening needs.

Hoffman reminds people to be careful about how they treat drought-stricken vegetation, as well as other questions from across South Dakota.

Charles Michael Ray

A new show is premiering on South Dakota Public Television about Midwestern cuisine. MJ Adams is the host of "Savor South Dakota," and she joins Dakota Midday  along with SDPB-TV producer Melissa Hamersma.

The show looks at South Dakotans creating the food that makes the state unique. The show also provides the recipes shown and features other dishes online.

"Savor South Dakota" premieres Thursday night at 8 pm CT, 7 pm MT.

South Dakota Department of Health

Do you understand all the twists and turns that Medicaid expansion has taken is South Dakota?

Secretary of Health Kim Malsam-Rysdon joins Dakota Midday to help answer some of those questions. She discusses some of the finer details of the governor's plan and the current state of Indian Health Services.

Watertown Regional Airport

Political Junkies join Dakota Midday again to talk about the week's political news. Roger Whittle is the managing editor of the Watertown Public Opinion and Dana Ferguson is a political reporter for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

They weigh in on Medicaid expansion, Indian Health Services, and the GOP convention. They also discuss local issues happening in Watertown and Sioux Falls.

Marty Jackley

State Attorney Marty Jackley joins Dakota Midday to continue Tuesday's discussion on law enforcement.

He discusses the protocols and investigations that go into South Dakota officer-involved shootings. He also talks about citizens' views of law enforcement and how these event effect it.


People may be changing the way they look at beer in America. John Holl is the author of The American Craft Beer Cookbook and the editor of All About Beer magazine.

Holl talks about the nuances of modern beer and how to pair it with meals. He is in downtown Sioux Falls tonight for a book signing starting at 5:30 pm.


JazzFest is happening this week and Dakota Midday is joined by members of the band Brian Masek and Friends. Bassist Brian Masek and guitarist Jesse Christen are from Sioux Falls musicians who are using JazzFest as their CD release party.

Lori Walsh samples some of their work and talks with them about the band's inspiration and sound. The band will play on the main stage Thursday at 6:00 pm and the second stage Saturday at 6:00 pm.


The First Amendment is made up of the right to religion, free speech, free press, petition and assemble. This right to assemble is now under close watch with numerous protests across the nation.

Attorney Jon Arneson joins Dakota Midday to discuss the right and its origins. He also talks about its uses today and relation to law enforcement.

Charles Michael Ray

The shootings in Dallas where 5 police officers died and many others were injured have sparked conversations about tension between citizens and law enforcement. What does it all mean for South Dakota?

Dakota Midday is joined by Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris, community advisory board member Vaughn Vargas and Officer Tim Doyle. Doyle was severely injured after responding to a routine call of people drinking alcohol in a park. Two of Doyle’s fellow officers were killed in the shooting.

Alan Outram

Recent finds in Mitchell, South Dakota, have researchers inferring about the past. Researchers have found pieces of pottery, beading and bones that could shed light on how people ate, worked and even played.

Dr. Adrien Hannus is a professor and Director of the Archeology Lab at Augustana University. He joins Dakota Midday to talk about the dig and also how it's tied to a university in England.