Storm Track Moves North; Forecasters Predict Less Snow And Wind

Jan 10, 2018

Updated US weather map for Wednesday, January 10, 2018. Most of South Dakota is under a Winter Weather Advisory for Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
Credit National Weather Service

A Winter Weather Advisory covers all but the far southwest corner of South Dakota today.   That replaces the Winter Storm Warning that had been issued for the eastern half of the state.  Kyle Weisser (WISER) with the National Weather Service says the track of the storm is moving north.  He says that reduces South Dakota’s snow and wind potential.

Weisser says, “You know, I think there’s a little more confidence we’re gonna see something a little closer to one to three inches, as opposed to three to five inches—and then, I think if we can keep those wind gusts down to 40 miles an hour or less, that kinda limits the ability to provide those white-out conditions.  So, our hope is we get the one or two inches of snow, the winds are gonna gust to 20 to 40 miles an hour.  And—we will see some reduced visibilities, we will see some slick roads.  There will be some hazardous travel out there, especially during the evening and overnight hours; but at least, right now, it does not look like we’ll have quite enough snow or visibilities quite low enough to go toward the blizzard or winter storm warning.”

Far eastern counties in North Dakota now have a Winter Storm Warning for today.  Weisser says even though snow predictions have changed, the region will still go through several days of bitter cold after the storm moves out.