Rounds Wants Long-Term Funding Solution

Jan 11, 2018

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds wants Congress to stop relying on short-term continuing resolutions to fund the federal government.
Credit The Office of U.S. Senator Mike Rounds

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds wants a long-term agreement to fund the government. He says short-term continuing resolutions eventually cost more in the end and negatively impact military readiness. 

"What I really would like to see is to see us not only get to the end of this year but even to kick it into the following year to get a year and a half out of it. You've heard me say this before - the Department of Defense clearly needs the additional resources that we have already authorized, and that we would expect to be in the appropriations bill. We've got three nuclear submarines tied up at dock right now - they're at their half-life - they've got to be refueled. One of them, the Boise, has been there for three years now - that's a nuclear attack submarine. That's a heck of asset sitting there not even able to dive because we don't have the money to get them fueled again," Rounds says.  

Rounds says he fears another short-term agreement is on the way. The deadline for the current continuing resolution is next Friday.