Reinventing How We Live And Eat On The Great Plains

Sep 11, 2018

In The Moment ... September 11, 2018 Show 419 Hour 1

Dan O'Brien
Credit SDPB

What makes a really great book? How does where you are from change who you are as a writer or as a human being?

Dan O'Brien has written iconic South Dakota books, including "Buffalo for the Broken Heart" and "Wild Idea." He's a rancher reinventing how we live and eat on the Great Plains.

This summer he agreed to let SDPB visit him at his home and Wild Idea Buffalo ranch. We rambled across the grasslands with Dan O'Brien as our teacher.

We'd like to bring you just an excerpt of that conversation. The In The Moment team asked him how he ended up being a writer, when growing up he hadn't been much of a reader.