Red Cross Assists With Search For Missing Custer Girl

Jun 6, 2014

Search and rescue efforts underway in Custer County
Credit Black Hills Chapter of the American Red Cross


A fourteen-year-old girl has gone missing from her home in Custer County. Officials from the Black Hills Chapter of the American Red Cross say they were contacted this morning by Custer County Emergency Manager Mike Carter to assist with search and rescue efforts.

Red Cross Development Coordinator Michele Lewis says relief workers were deployed to the Incident Command Center west of Custer near the Beaver Creek Campground.

“So there are formal search & rescue teams up there and what we’re trying to do is keep them well and able to continue to search. Right now in the Black Hills it is cold and wet - it’s raining. So they’re out looking but they’re also getting wet. To have some warm beverages and warm towels and blankets for them – when they come back in is going to be able to help them continue the search,” says Lewis.

Lewis says other agencies are participating in the search and rescue efforts including the Custer County Sherriff’s Office and the Custer County Emergency Management. She says the Red Cross is not able to release any other details related to the girl’s disappearance.