In The Moment ... Innovation: Total Eclipse

Aug 11, 2017

Peggy Norris – Deputy Director of Education and Outreach at Sanford Underground Research Facility.

Peggy saw her first eclipse in 1991 and has chased them ever since. She is working with students from School of Mines to build a weather balloon to broadcast live video of the eclipse. They will share the video on NASA’s website. 

Leo DeLange, Chief Operating Officer of GenPro Energy Solutions and Molly Brown, Vice President of Energy Production of GenPro

The company is conducting a solar experiment during the total eclipse. They’ll use a water pump to witness the effects of what a total solar eclipse has on solar energy production.

Eclipse Over America joining the program is Dr. Jason Kalirai, STScl Multi-Mission Project Scientist with Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore Maryland.

He studies the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies in the local universe. His current research involves imaging and observations of star clusters and dwarf galaxies. Nova will follow teams working on the forefront of solar science and solar storm detection.