Mark O'Connor: American Fiddler

Apr 3, 2014

Violinist Mark O'Connor is one of today's most remarkable and versatile musicians. He plays jazz, county, bluegrass, folk and classical. He's also an accomplished guitarist and mandolin player. He's composed a number of orchestral works, including his "Fiddle Concerto" which has become the most-performed modern violin concerto of the last forty years. As an educator, he's developed the O'Connor Violin Method. The thread holding all of O'Connor's musical endeavors together is a distinctly American approach.

Mark O'Connor
Credit Jim McGuire

Mark O'Connor is in Sioux Falls for a three-day residency with college, high school and beginning music students. He's performing with the Augustana College Orchestra Friday, April 5 at the Orpheum Theater for the final Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society concert of the season.