Gun Bills On Governor’s Desk Will Likely Get A Veto

Mar 14, 2017

Governor Dennis Daugaard says he likely won’t expand gun laws in the state, despite a meeting with several legislators urging him otherwise.

One bill on the governor’s desk allows concealed carry of a pistol in the capitol. Another removes the requirement for gun owners to get a permit to carry concealed.

Daugaard met with several legislators on the last legislative session day. He says despite the meeting he’ll veto concealed carry without a permit.

“I am persuaded by law enforcement’s concerns on the other side or that issue," Daugaard says. "The fact that the police chiefs association was against the change, the sheriff’s association was against the change. They felt it would make their job harder to do. I’m persuaded by that.”

Daugaard says the process to get a concealed carry permit is minimal. He says if gun owners can afford a pistol, they can afford a ten dollar permit that lasts for five years.