Governor Vetos Gun Bills And Three Others

Mar 17, 2017

Governor Dennis Daugaard is vetoing five bills that reached his desk. Two of those bills would have expanded gun laws in the state.
Two gun bills Governor Daugaard vetoed allow persons with an enhanced concealed carry permit to carry in the capitol, and another repealed concealed carry permit requirements altogether.
Daugaard says security at the capitol is ample. Since the sheriffs and police chiefs association oppose getting rid of concealed carry without a permit, he opposed that bill as well.
“They felt it would make their job harder to do. I’m persuaded by that," Daugaard sayid last week. "They know more about these things than I do, and, again, the inconvenience to the law abiding citizen is so minimal.”
Supporters of the permitless carry legislation say those who open-carry can get ticketed for unintentionally concealing a gun.
Other legislation the governor vetoed include a bill that would place juveniles in prison if they presented a significant risk to themselves.

Daugaard also vetoed a decrease in access fees for calls in the state. He says that decrease impacts the telecommunications fund for the deaf.

The governor also vetoed a change in state aid to special education. Since the legislature passed a .3 percent increase in education funding, he says that bill is redundant
Lawmakers convene on March 27th to override any vetoes. They need a two-thirds majority to do so.