Farm Rescue Founder Named Money Hero

Jul 28, 2014

Bill Gross comes from three generations of North Dakota farmers. But by the time he graduated from high school, his parents encouraged him to leave the farm. He went to college and now flies a 747 for UPS. However his heart never left the farm. As he flew across the country and looked at the farms below, he was concerned with the changing demographics of rural America and thought of ways he could help.

Volunteer Charlie Hardie brings in the 2008 soybean crop at Corona, SD, for a farmer injured with a shattered leg.
Credit Farm Rescue

In 2005, Bill Gross founded Farm Rescue, an organization that helps farmers in crisis with planting and harvesting. Since then, Farm Rescue’s volunteers have helped more than 280 families in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Montana. In the July issue of Money magazine, Bill Gross was named one of 50 heroes from 50 States.  He joined Dakota Midday and discussed the work of Farm Rescue.

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2014 haying and harvesting seasons, which can be obtained at