Dakota Midday: Vintage Motorcycle Racer Brittney Olsen

Aug 13, 2015

26-year old Brittney Olsen of Aberdeen was one of the thousands of bikers who gathered last week in the Black Hills during the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Obviously as a young woman, she’s not the stereotypical biker. Plus she rides what was likely the oldest bike at the rally, a 1923 Harley-Davidson J Model board track racer. 

Brittney Olsen
Credit 20th Century Racing

Olsen participated in several races, including the 2nd Annual Pappy Hoel Classic Half Mile Vintage Flat Track Races at the fairgrounds. She had also planned on riding a newly-restored 1938 Indian Sport Scout Class C hand shift bike on gravel roads from Aberdeen to Sturgis, but a problem with the bike kept her from making the trek. She says she'll try again next year.

Brittney Olsen joined Dakota Midday and shared her experiences racing vintage motorcycles at the 75th Sturgis Rally.