Dakota Midday: 'Red Cloud: Oglala Legend'

Jul 30, 2015

Red Cloud was the only American Indian leader to win a war against the United States Army. What's called Red Cloud's War was armed conflict over control of Powder River Country in present day Wyoming. Later he was committed to preserving his people’s traditions and culture as they were moved to reservations.

In a new book published by the South Dakota Historical Society Press, Red Cloud: Oglala Legend, Rapid City historian John McDermott examines Red Cloud’s early years, his rise to prominence, and his struggle to protect his people from cultural domination.

McDermott is a former historian for the National Park Service and co-founder of the Frontier Heritage Alliance, which promotes cultural heritage tourism and historic preservation throughout the West. His previous books include Circle of Fire: The Indian War of 1865 and Red Cloud’s War: The Bozeman Trail, 1866-1868.

John McDermott joined Dakota Midday and discussed Red Cloud's life and legacy.